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Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 552098 views.

From: NRChi


Hi KateAd, 

Good to know, I'll make sure to log in my game tomorrow to accept your friend request. Haven't been in the game since spring event ended; I'm an event and castle challenge player, so I can be rather absent in between those, just so you know

Have a nice weekend ‍??



From: Ashley2032


Hi KateAd,

Congrats on getting your old game back on a new computer.  I have been trying since 2015 to get my old user ID's back and they (MC) always gives me a brand new number.  Very frustrating as I have been playing since 2014 and one year later I had to get a new computer and they wouldn't give me my previous number.  This year, I struggled with the spring event and I'm still waiting for results.  I went through my accomplishments today and they have reset half of them, some all the way back to 0.  

Have a great weekend.



From: KateAd


Hi NRChi

thanks for accepting, doesn't worry me if you're absent so it's all good. I will have a great weekend and I hope you do too


From: KateAd


Hi Ashley, have been playing for a long time also. I lost my original game so when I started this game I made sure I had my ID recorded in my book and that made it easy to get it back. I'm sorry to hear of the hassles you having getting your accomplishments etc. The only thing I lost are all my friends and sadly I didn't record their IDs so now I'm back with John

You have a great weekend too


So I opened my game this morning and when I went to my friends list to gift I noticed that my friends had increased by one. This has sometimes happened to me if I've had a friend go missing and then reappear, however this time it's different. I went through my friends and found the player..............Bridge418  Level 7 id#***099.  I didn't invite this player so they were put in my deleted file.

Anyone know this player?????


From: GaviTn


please datsalotta, you are going to have to invite me as I can't find an ID# for you,  We have played together for a long time,

Gina (Gimali)

From: Gina (Gimali)


I also had this player ... Bridge418 level 7...  show up today in one of my games. I don't seem to be missing anyone on my list.




Hi, I'll add you to my 'Friends' list Dawn. I'm also on Level 106 but, I'm not too confident about an update being available anytime soon, they've got your money so why bother! As you may deduce, I'm a bit of a cynic.


From: Dawnsdream48


Thanks for the add. If they don't update no biggie.  I'll hang around for a while. Someone said they update every --- months, but I don't remember how many months it was. No, they haven't got any of my money, only my time. I got the game free on Big Fish.


From: LvlSlgr


Dawnsdream48 said:

Someone said they update every --- months, but I don't remember how many months it was.

It's usually every 3 or 4 months, but don't hold your breath. In the past there have been longer periods. This is one reason we stress to new players that this game should be played like a marathon - not a sprint. You just have to be patient and do the rounds, do the rounds. I know that's not easy to do but it works. Good luck!