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Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 732765 views.

From: Redfire777


Thank you so much for your kind words!  

We are all in this together and patience will win out!


Msg 9.1822 deleted

From: LvlSlgr


jbbp said:

I don't know if anyone has had same problem as me but my fortune wheel is stuck on 9

What do you mean your "fortune wheel is stuck on 9"???

I just sent you an invitation.


From: jbbp


It says do fortune wheel so many days in a row I have done it each day but won't budge from 9

Thank you for invite


From: LvlSlgr


Ohhhhh ... in one of the achievements. Sorry, I can't help you there. You may need to contact Elephant Games about it. I don't recommend contacting Big Fish when it comes to an achievement. They don't seem to be any help with those.


From: jbbp


Thank you it put it's self right


From: LvlSlgr


That's good!


From: WRDZenWolfen


Last couple of times I played in my two main games, they started acting wonky and I had to close them down manually...I do not want to experience game loss again, so I am now hesitant to play at all.  Most of my good friends have been with me for years, so I do hope they understand and won't delete me.  The fly by nighters can, and most likely will, but that won't be a real loss to me.   I do love this game that I started playing on Dec 31, 2013...I have been through a lot with it, and yet, I am still here, and so are my good friends...



From: dajoseph


Well, I am back to level 86 but lost all of my inventory, BF gave me a limited amount of inventory to start, but, not the important ones that I need. I practically was going to give up, but decided not to. I still have most of my friends and can always use some new ones, please consider I am limited in gifting right now until I build back up my inventory.  I will probably be on level 86 for awhile since I need to collect blue keys for I lost my speacial pets and will stay until I play enough on that level to collect them again. 

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


I've seen your issues, and understand that you got your game back minus a lot of your inventory via BF.

I believe that you could write to Elephant Games, plead your case, and hopefully they would help with the missing inventory such as: Pets, stamps, shards, eggs, Achievements, etc....

They helped me recover everything twice. I will never go to BF unless it's a technical issue.

Good luck!