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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 943863 views.

From: dollymix16


Hi, sorry if I am on the wrong thread but do not how to start a new one.  When I have tried to visit friend's rooms message says that they have updated so unable to play in their room.  Had this before but managed to update.  Not working this time. Any advice would be most welcome.


The player may have lost their game and that's why you're getting that message. Also, if the game is under Level 13 then they can't yet access the private rooms.

Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


Well Hello Dolly!!  All you need to do is get an upgrade on any item in the new room that you can upgrade.  I usually, just upgrade the item that you can do for free.  If you don't upgrade at least one item, it won't open your room to other players.  Others on this site had to let me know this, as I had the same problem you have.  Hope this works for you.


From: dollymix16


Hi and thanks for the reply. Bingo mentioned about buying new item for room so will try that.


Buying an item or just changing something in your room, will only make sure that your room is showing to your friends. The message you were getting means that that player is having issues with their own game and they need to fix it on their end. 


From: dollymix16


Thanks for that.  I was not aware that friends could not access my room. Hopefully changing something has righted it.  Also many of my friends must have had the same problem as me as I could not access their rooms. All O,K. now.


You're welcome, happy to hear all is well in your castle!!


From: THEdella


They sent me back to level one, I'm now back up to about level 32, I think.  I keep sending messages, but no response yet. I keep hoping EG will help somehow, but I'm doubting it every day it goes on

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