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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 218082 views.

From: kitiara31576


That's great.  I'm actively staying on top of my wish list, sometimes changing it multiple times per day, if my friends end up giving me a few of one item, helping me increase my supplies.  Then I change one or more items to things I need more of to try to complete the quests.  They keep sending me to the same few things over and over, so you can't possibly get enough of the items you need for those zoom zones by yourself, since you have to wait so long in between times to do the HOS.  So I rely on help from friends and choose when to pay for items with diamonds to complete something.

Now, whenever I unlock a new HOS, I wait after clicking each item until the point multiplier goes back down to 1 before clicking the next item, so I get only 6,000, 8,000, 10, 000 etc points.  This way I'll be able to keep doing the HOS as many times as possible before maxing out and having to wait the full hour.  It would be tedious to just sit here and do it, so I play while feeding my babies or watching a movie or doing other things.

Thanks for your help!  I appreciate all the gifts from friends and even keep a list so I can make sure to gift back to every friend for every gift.  I'm still two days behind but I make sure to gift all 3 times per day to gift the max 15 times.


From: kitiara31576


My new quest day starts at 8:00PM, so my gifting periods start at 8 pm, 4 am, and noon.  So far I've been able to make sure to gift all 3 periods each day.  I have to catch up on gifting all my active gifting friends!  :)


From: Susanna502MC


Kitiara -

I got a new tablet and have started a new game. Sent you an invitation from gamename Juliana.

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From: Susanna502MC


Finally got an android tablet to replace the phone my Juliana game was on (long time ago). I think I'll just play from start and not transfer my old game. Will be sending invites to my old friends.

Thanks all

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From: Susanna502MC


Susanna502MC said:

Finally got an android tablet to replace the phone my Juliana game was on (long time ago). I think I'll just play from start and not transfer my old game. Will be sending invites to my old friends.

I wasn't going to invite a lot of friends to my new/old game, but I realized that I should be able to access the Anniversary Room before it closes. I'm working on getting the private rooms open and have sent out some more invitations. Don't need a huge number, but it would be nice to be able to collect some coins before the event is over.

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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


my kindle is working good for know. I did however buy a new android-non fire-tablet and started midnight castle on it. I will wait to replace the kindle fire till they come out with a new model with a 10in screen.         (current 10in is 2 years old) then transfer that game. I just got that game to level 13 and opened the anniversary room. I need friends for events and gifting. The game name is cutiepie- id A1283792. The game is named after my 7 month old kitten. The game may not progress very fast know but I will open the event rooms as they come around.


From: Susanna502MC


kitiara31576 said:

I've been trying to add friends too but most of the time it tells me "no matches" when I look up their posted id. I guess they must be playing on a different platform.

Sometimes the problem is the person has added or changed something on their avatar name. (example: "Susanna on break" or "Susanna 15 Sep" date changes) It has to be an exact match. That's why it is so helpful to make a note of the person's id#. If you go through some of the older posts on this thread you can find some id# that you can try, but they may not be accepting new friends.


From: kitiara31576


I haven't actually ever tried looking up anyone by their "name", only their ID.  I've only been playing since the middle of July and when I first found this forum, I didn't realize people on PC's couldn't be friends with those of us on android devices.  I'm pretty sure the ID's I couldn't find were probably all on other platforms.

I have 73 friends now but am always willing to add more.  I don't necessarily need more friends for gifting purposes, since I'm always two days behind in gifting back to people now, but you can always use more friends when events roll around like the anniversary event we just had.

If anyone else wants to add me, my game name is kitiara and my ID is a1272190.


From: Rangergirl69


Just started a new game and would like to let people know.  My name is rangergirl69 my I'd is a1281816 and play on android. Friends welcomed. 


From: lsmatz24


I just did the same thing.  My game name is Harpo2 My game number is a1291221. If you want to add me please do and I will reply.