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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 420130 views.
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From: Gardenbird


Hi there all

I too have had problems with the last update. My game doesn't save half the time. It drives me mad.  I am now playing by doing about 5 things, trying to save by going into my room, then coming out, and going back in again, hoping it has saved. . It's especially annoying with the puzzles.

However the reason for this note is to say sorry to anyone who is one of my android friends.  I send, but if the game hasn't saved, I don't think the gifts go.  I get gifts but if it doesn't save then those gifts disappear.  It's very frustrating.I haven't contacted Big Fish as I know there will be a new update soon.  I am playing less just to keep my blood pressure down with dealing with this problem.  Was going to stop playing until next update, but am coping with just playing a lot less.    Gardenbird


From: Susanna502MC


Sorry you are having so much trouble. I have you as a friend on my Juliana game. I have been getting and sending gifts to you. I made a note that you are having tech problems, so don't feel like you have to send anything before the update. Hope that will straighten things out for you.


From: twitchn77


I couldn't get it to load again so I went to my old tablet to see if it would download, well it did but I lost 25 levels along with pets, stamps missing and so forth, I think it must have something to do with the newer tablets and of course their update, hopefully it will load on new tablet soon. Good luck, very irritating tosay the least


From: VesperLynd20


New to Android, but was on level 96 on iPad. My iPad is so old and would not update so I am looking for new friends


Alison (a1311369)

From: Alison (a1311369)


I was level60 with this ID. Lost it all. No response from Elephant or BFG. New ID is a1374124. Friends welcomed.


From: Judetza


Ciao Franciula,

I send an invitation, but with your ID it appears that it correpond to "wait to migrate..." at level 102.

Is that you?

However, my ID is a1375407, New Forza J.


From: frenciula


Ciao you too Judetza :)

Yes it's my game, but i don't have updates and i don't play. I wrote to eg to migrate game, because my version of android is too old, they answer: "of course we will help you, we migrate your game later this week"... 2 weeks ago joy i'm still waiting, so i started a new game in my phone, the id is a1367030. This evening i will open my old game and accept friend request, thank'you to send it. if someone else want to add a1367030 feel free :) i play all days in evening and i gift 1/2 per day. 


From: OldPunk76


Hi all.

I have just started playing MC on Android, and enjoying all of the game again as I have reached level 98 on my IPad. I am sadly friendless apart from John on my new game, and would appreciate some friends. I play everyday and gift about 2 times a day. My game name is Old Punk 77, and my player is a1375421. Thank you x

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From: lilredhood51


my tablet died so i had to get a new one. i don;t have a christmas room up yet. am waiting to see if my old game will get transferred.

my new id is a1378069 my old  id was a1245285 if you have Pamela52-1 as a friend please come on over. i dont know if i will be keeping the same name or not. right now i am just player with a blank face.


From: Wendulka


My game has been moved to my new tablet, and my new ID is Evelina a1363740