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Android Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 236864 views.
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From: chilpep



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From: Susanna502MC


I have you on my game with ID a1004xxx ID. Is a1005xxx a new game or replacement? Thanks

Susie (Susanna)


From: Susanna502MC


RoraJ said:

My main game is on PC, but lately I have playing the one on my phone. My ID is a837261 if anyone would like to be friends

I tried to send you an invite, but your number didn't work. Searched by Rora and looks like the correct number is a837621. Invite sent.

Don't worry. I understand dyslexia is related to high intelligence. At least, that's my excuse.


From: Susanna502MC


ElouiseM0 said:

I'm looking for new Android friends. My Android ID is a912803.

I sent you an invite. May I suggest you add an avatar and name? Here is some VERY helpful info from the MC Game Guide.

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From: AEGram


Player Profile and Achievements – Initially, you will be labeled as “player” by the game (in the upper left of the screen), and you will also have a white, faceless mannequin as your in-game avatar. You can create a more personal game name by clicking on this avatar and then clicking the pencil under the avatar (please be sure to backspace out “player” before you type your new game name). 

While some players prefer to be "anonymous" by leaving "player" as their in-game name, please be advised that many senior players will not accept an invite from "player" because it is too labor intensive to monitor the game IDs to determine which "player" has sent a gift. 

You can also click on the pencil next to the avatar to scroll through and select one if it is unlocked. (Currently, the first avatars to be unlocked are Gentleman and Lady. Both become available at Level 4.) Some of the avatars are “event specific.” So, if that event has concluded, those avatars may never be available to you. This is new/uncharted territory for many of us, so we are all just waiting to see if some of the Castle Challenge avatars will be “recycled.” 

.Lynne. (rlynj2018)

From: .Lynne. (rlynj2018)


Hmmmm.  Don't know what to say.  My number is A1004... - that's the one given to me for my new tablet.  I don't know where the A1005... came from? 



From: Susanna502MC


.Lynne. (rlynj2018) said:

Looking for new friends. My ID is A1005080. LynneJ

This is message 58 on this string. Is this not you?


From: Susanna502MC


I'm just concerned that someone might be using your ID without your knowledge.