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IOS Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 429738 views.

Hi QALady, I have sent you an invite. I gift in alphabetical order, but with over 100 friends, it takes me a few days to get through the list. Please don’t feel the need to return gifts to me if the items on my list are things you need for your game. I am working on the daily and Trina quests so the postcards for Trina quests are a great help. 


From: KatieAn56


Sent player name is Kate....hope to see ya in the castle!!

QALady, I will send you an invite in a few minutes. I gift in turn, usually every 4-5 days or so. Like April, feel free to skip me if you don’t have nought of anything on my wish list. Have fun in the castle!

I will add you in a few minutes, in case you still need friends. If not, feel free to not accept it. Have fun in the castle!


From: MoTom61


DorceAn:  What is your friend code?  Mine is i2040739.

MoTom65 (as oldplayer)


From: KatieAn56


Hi MoTom61,

I will send you an invite tonight (I'm on  central time so it will be around 7 pm. ) My player name is Kate and I hope to see ya in the castle!  I change my rooms between 8-9 am and 8-9 pm


From: attie1234


Hi MoTom!  I sent an invite to both of my games (Benit & Attie). Welcome and have fun!  dancer


From: FrostyBread


Hello friends!

I’ve been adding friends on the sly and finally made an account here :)

My friend code is i2722629. I gift when I am able to and switch around my spring rooms everyday. Would be happy to have new friends!


From: Flootie


My player name is Shroomie and I hope you accept my invite

Hi FrostyBread,

Your ingame name is showing as player when I type in that ID number. 

If you want to change your name in the game, just click on your avatar picture and then on the pencil below your avatar. Once there you can delete the name player and add anything of your choosing. 

Some people (me included) may be reluctant to add someone with the name player, because it can become really confusing. 

Hope this info helps

April : )