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Meet the furry family   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 4/19/18 by Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325); 114064 views.

There is a song running through my head right now...

headphones and the cat came back, the very next day... and the cat came back, couldn't stay away...headphones

I know, she's just such a boof, hence why I call  her Poosch!  She has the most amazing orange eyes.  Will upload a better photo of her on the moro.  She's actually a British Blue but she's like a beautiful Pewter Grey.  Another of her names is One Shade of Grey! ;-)

Oh what a cool cat she is, you must have been so happy when she came back. :-)

And this is Sara snuggling up to my panther 

Oh yes! I'm so thankful every day that she made it home! She was thin & dirty & very thirsty & hungry, & patrolled the house non-stop for hours before she would settle down to groom & rest.  I can only imagine what she went through out there with the rain & coyotes. 

What a lovely happy ending.  Is she more happy to stay home now she's lost a few lives?  I wish they weren't so curious and nosey - though when they are, they are so funny!scream

Sheba used to be very clever about getting out - jumping into the windowsill so hard, she'd knock the screen out of the window, or body-slamming the screen door to knock it open.  But after that experience, she's never tried to get out again.  Thank goodness!

Although I did take the precaution of nailing wood strips around the windowframe to hold the screen in & putting a big brass shepherds hook latch on the screen door. Let's see her open that!