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Started 4/19/18 by AEGram; 67534 views.

From: SharpEye1


So, would this be the place for everyone to post the game questions, like: Need help....can't find the ghostly chest? And someone would provide the response?

If so, perhaps Comments, Questions & Help


From: AEGram


Possibly .... although, there would need to be some way to make sure people knew about the folder and that it is being used for that purpose.... Oh, and while we are discussing "the place for everyone to post the game questions" .....

NO! We have absolutely no idea when will be the next update! scream


From: LdyMadison


OMG.....   I just lost a mouthful of Coke when I read that RED part!  Mopping up my Mac as I type.  That line could actually work as your "signature".  smilesmileygrinninginnocent

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Laura (imamama)

From: Laura (imamama)




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TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


I have questions that maybe long time higher level folks could answer???

So I realized early on that as I level up in the game new areas & stuff that costs coins increase... So in seeing this I decided to stunt my growth in the game, meaning just doing continuous rounds around the Castle building up coins & inventory stock.

But now I'm feeling like I'm in a pretty good spot as far as coins that if I start playing I could hopefully play for awhile uninterrupted. But I'm that cautious kind of strategizing person... So this is my question, I know coin costs increase as you lvl but what I'm curious about is other stuff like the side "Trina" quests right now she is asking for 200 shards & forget how many HoS/Zooms & friend postcards etc... But my main concern is does this amount ever max out or will it also continue to increase. Because as much as I'm itching to open new areas I don't want to have regrets & get over my head. Right now it takes quite some time to collect 200 shards so if this is going to increase to 400>>>1000 lol I may be better off collecting as many keys as I can now while I'm still in lower Lvls.

Same as Airship costs I noticed higher lvls seem to really have these in high demands & run out a lot is that b/c the cost also increases in how many items per crate & if so is there a max cut off for Trina/ Air ships or does it increase to infinity & beyond hahah (an example my air ships cost give or take are in the low teens per crate.) 

So I guess I want to know the answer of whether these continuously increase forever or if you reach a max & if there is a max what is that max amount & at what level?

Oh also HOS cool down times right now the longest cool down time is an hr. on all HOS's is that a max cool down time or should I expect longer & longer cool down times as I lvl up? I already got the answer that the 50 coins max per HOS never increases it static no matter what lvl you are.

Would welcome answers to those questions and any other experienced advice about waiting to level up or just going for it! What did you do are there any things you regret & would have done differently?

Wow this is probably super long I have difficulty expressing my self in few words lol sorry for that and thanks in advance for any help given :-)


From: SharpEye1


Oh, everything goes up (gets more expensive) as you level up!  The best thing you can do, if you haven't already, is scroll through AEG's NEW Strategy Guide!  There are lots of things I would have done differently, had I known better!  One is about the airship items (packing crates) and how many wheels you earn for each ship.  When I was in the Level 20's, If I had to pack and send the airship, each crate mostly asked for less than 15 of an airship item (so doing a castle round or two could help replenish the stock and you'd earn anywhere from 60 to 99 wheels.  That could be annoying if a DQ asked for 100 wheels....if you see what I mean.  At Level 84 and waiting for the next update, to send an airship now, each crate asks for anywhere from a 100 to almost 200 of an item, per crate!  This would take many rounds of all available open areas to replenish just from sending the ship one time!  And the amount of wheels in relation to the amount of items is usually 300, but can be more (or just under what Trina now asks for!)  So, it's very annoying, dicey, frustrating, and a sore spot for a lot of the long time, high level players.  So, if you're working on the achievements (like pack so many crates, etc.), I would stay at the lowest level I could and keep doing the rounds and sending the ship and get the achievements done on the cheap, in comparison to now.  I hope this all makes sense.


Hi TJ,

You'll be glad to know that Trina's demands do max out.  I think it's 20 ZZs & 20 thank you cards, 50 HOS, 200 shards, 300 airship wheels, so you may already be there.  

You're at a good level now for working on DQ achievements, if you ever want to get those.  The airship requirements in particular get onerous at higher levels - I'm already seeing airships asking for 37 of each item! 

You haven't reached the point where advancing gets really expensive. My next 10 levels will take about a million coins - literally!

The level you're on now will only cost ~33K - level 32 is 111K! I highly recommend taking full advantage of the Spring room HOS!  Less than 2 weeks left!

TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


Thanks Druid & SharpEye, that's what I was afraid of... At least Trina has a max cut off that's something... but wow I can't believe the Airship goes to 200 items a crate!!! No wonder high lvls complain about never getting enough :-( That's crazy!!! So what about the HOS cool down times or should I be afraid to ask? 


From: AEGram


TJ ...... Relative to Trina, DQs, cost of the game ....

1. Desertdruid is very correct -- so far Trina requests have maxed at 300 wheels, 200 shards, 20 postcards, 50 scenes, and 20 ZZs 

2. It is also correct that the cost of the game generally increases with the leveling up .... the 70's are some of the most expensive. Level 77 is by far the most expensive level (coming in at a cost of 193,200 coins if you had to craft as well as open every item/place). In addition to the Strategy Guide that lists the level cost at the end of the level, there is a Total Game Cost thread that has already been copied to this location. It JUST lists the coin and stamp cost for each level. Using it, you can plan ahead.

3. Regarding the airship .... as you advance with each level, the number of wheels that the airship gives you increases. (It will be a range, not always the same amount. At current max level, I have gotten some for as little as 252 wheels and as high as 375 wheels. And I think that the 375 was the highest anyone reported.

The wheels are directly related to the number of crates you will be asked to pack. You get 3 wheels for EACH item you put in a crate ...... so, my 375 wheel airship asked for a total of 125 items .... there are 3 crates, so that airship actually asked for about 41.66 items in each crate. (it was probably something like 45, 48, and 32 --- or some similar combination. I don't recall if ever a crate asked for 50 items, but certainly NOT 200 items in one crate .... not even in total.