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Post your jokes here   Fun and Games

Started 4/20/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 259785 views.

Well, I only missed one in the first lot, If you pass the person in second place where are you placed, was the stumper.

The others, the "Old Timer's" kicked in there.  Still enjoyed a good laugh.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


That’s great! But the best revenge is to send it on to some friends LOL


From: oiuoiu321


My answer to #7 was:

Theft is illegal in California.  Give that picture back.


From: Valjune


So funny!  I missed #7 (the president's name.. duh) and the words in common.  I could study that for 3 days and still not get it lol..

Now here's my all-time favorite joke, kinda corny, but still..

Q.  Who's bigger, Mr. Bigger or Mr. Bigger's baby?

A.  Why, Mr. Bigger's baby, of course! (?)  Cuz he's a Little Bigger..

Get it?


From: LvlSlgr


Valjune said:

Cuz he's a Little Bigger..

Good one, Valjune!

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Six allowed for Thanksgiving, but 30 for a funeral. 
I will be holding a funeral for my pet turkey that will pass away on November 26th. 
Refreshments provided.
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Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Posted by a friend in a group on Facebook...

Be aware
We ordered a Chinese takeaway from a local place (I won't name them) I went to pick it up last night and as I was driving home, I heard the bags rustling and moving!!??!!!

I thought what the heck is that. Has something got in the bag, I thought I could see a little pair of eyes peering out at me. I was driving so I leaned forward, picked up the bag, put it on the passenger seat and there it was again, more rustling and little eyes looking out behind the prawn crackers,
I thought its got to be a rat or a mouse or something, so I carefully pulled the bag down ...
And there it was ...

Wait for it...

... A Peeking Duck!!!