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Personal Achievements to Celebrate   Achievements and Musings

Started 4/21/18 by Amethyst2066 (Amethyst66B); 105423 views.
Bluemoon (CHB1002)

From: Bluemoon (CHB1002)


You are doing well to have completed both the Christmas puzzles!


From: Annemaree


thank you, I have only been at it for 44 days now and only have 2 and 1/2 puzzles left to complete.  It takes alot of time, but I am determine to catch up again.  I did use some of the elixir that we accumulate at the end of the completed puzzle, I find it easier buying a 10 pack and starting of with one to begin with  

Oodie (Oodeveer)

From: Oodie (Oodeveer)


I just finished both puzzles! The first one took the longest but the second only took three days!

Bluemoon (CHB1002)

From: Bluemoon (CHB1002)


Congratulations! I still have one to go relaxed

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From: datsalotta


Hey Everyone !! 

Here to announce that my PC game datsdat at level 23 has just received 10 diamonds for completing Unusual Stamps 3rd class - YAY

Also I enjoy the pictures of the puzzles here. I don't know how to bring a pic of the puzzle to this forum. Maybe someone can help with that?

datsdat aka datsalotta and *piesy all on PC


From: KatieAn56


YAY! Congrats Dats!! It's been so long since I used a PC and things have changed on PCs but the best I remember:  

  1. you can select the picture you want to copy by clicking on it once. ... 
  2. Right-click on the mouse . ... 
  3. Click Copy or Copy Image. ... 
  4. Right-click in the document or field where you want to insert the image. ... 
  5. Click Paste.

I use all Apple products now, so someone who uses PC could probably give you better instructions.


  • Edited December 13, 2019 3:52 pm  by  KatieAn56

From: misstracy22


Hay, well done you. 
Sorry it’s been three years since I last used a PC, so can’t help there.

but what an achievement, excellent. Now just the WE to enjoy.

Take care, see you in the castle.

Tracy racehorse


From: datsalotta


Thanks KatieAn and Misstracy. Have FUN in the WE - finally arrived today YAY

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Bluemoon (CHB1002)

From: Bluemoon (CHB1002)


Just finished reindeers, penguins and Christmas cookies in the winter event. Woo hoo! I have never finished anything this quickly before.wink