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Midnight Castle Dialog   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 88612 views.
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LEVELS 28-29

“Greetings, mortal!  I’m Oberon, the King of Elves, and I need your services.”  Obviously searching for something, Oberon’s interest comes to light “I was wondering if the ‘Mystery Chamber’ phrase rings any bells with you?”   He won’t tell you why he needs the Mystery Chamber, just that it’s absolutely important.   Your work speed amazes him and it must be that, unlike elves, “you don’t live long.” 

The Witch can’t understand what Oberon could need here.  “What does he want?  Why is he nosing around?”  Arabella is intent on finding a way to loosen the King’s tongue and draw information out of him.  Those vile King of Elves’ spies are everywhere, they just won’t leave her alone.  “Now not a single elf will dare to come up to me, or they’ll get right into my cauldron!”

The Stone Fairy worries if strange creatures wandering around mean her ill, but “It turns out that strange creatures don’t only inhabit the place around me.”  What do they want and who do they serve?  She can also feel the invisible presence of someone.  “Since the Source of Sorcery is getting weaker, supernatural forces are making their way into our world.”  For the time being, the Fairy managed to distract the ghosts, but it won’t last long.  “The fabric of this world is getting weaker without the Source of Sorcery.” 

Anabel and the Knight are aware of “creatures lurking in the corners that threaten the Mystery Chamber.”  They want to try hiding the Mystery Chamber, but their power isn’t enough.  You help get everything ready for the ritual and Anabel and the Knight call you a noble person and a great friend.  They have done everything possible to protect the Mystery Chamber.

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LEVELS 28-29 cont.

Growing wary of the existence of the Mystery Chamber, Oberon “needs some evidence, hints or rumors!”  "I managed to find out that the Mystery Chamber really exists.  But I need some specifics."  Hoping to find the Mystery Chamber at last, Oberon performs a ritual..."Examine the castle, and if you find anything unusual, tell me at once!"  "So, something has changed...Isn't it a sign?  The Mystery Chamber must be somewhere here!"  Finally, Oberon manages to find the Mystery Chamber, but its magic has dried out and “can’t keep off bad luck from the elfish forest.”  It is nothing more than a “soulless mechanism.” “Besides the Mystery Chamber, the mighty Artifact of the Past might help the elves.  It’s our only hope.”  “The Oeland Silver Mane clan used to keep the Artifact.  Visit them and find out where the Artifact is now.”

Sir Oeland Silver Mane has heard of King Oberon’s arrival and “wouldn’t want him to stick his nose anywhere.”  Oeland found out Oberon is searching for something in the Mystery Chamber, but what?  “Now I’ll be able to spite Oberon.  It’s a pity I don’t have as much energy as I used to.”  Oeland found out that Oberon needs the Artifact that many generations of his clan have been keeping.  But Oberon mustn’t get hold of it.  Anyway, Oeland couldn’t give Oberon the Artifact even if he wanted to.  Oeland is doing his best to close his mind “from the meticulous King of Elves.  You don’t know he can read your mind?”  “The Artifact was lost by the Silvermane clan many years ago.  I hope you won’t let it slip to Oberon.” 

Oberon is tired of excuses and says “It doesn’t look like Oeland wants to part with the Artifact.”  Since Oeland is prepared for Oberon’s mind-reading, attempts to scan Oeland’s mind fail.  There must be another way; Oberon will not leave without the Artifact.   Oberon can’t understand the failure of his mind-reading…”My efforts were wasted.  Perhaps I did something wrong.”  In an effort to save his land and people, he tries to make a wish.  But it seems the rumors are true and the last wish of the Mystery Chamber has already been spent.  Oberon’s spies report the claim that Oeland doesn’t have the Artifact, “but he must be lying!”  Oberon now knows what he must do.  Addressing the great knowledge of his people, the Force of Nature, leads him to make an astral trap.  “You’ll never guess who will be trapped!”  “Beauty is the reason why I enjoy hunting.  It’s a perfect trap!  I’ll just have to make the bait…”  Oeland will pay a very dear price for failing to give Oberon the Artifact.  Now Oberon has trapped Oeland’s son, and “Oeland knows that I might only exchange the Werewolf Knight for the Artifact.” 

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LEVELS 28-29 cont.

Valeria’s Spirit says there’s a thin line between good and evil and “we should find out if our visitors have evil intentions.”  It doesn’t appear they wish us ill, “but we should stay alert.”  The elves are annoying the innkeeper and Valeria wants to cheer him up and protect Jeronimo if the elves aren’t friendly.  “While we’re safe from the elves’ influence, I want to perform a small experiment” to find out some hidden aspects of Oberon’s power.  Oberon has the power to drive out ghosts and he’s dangerous to Valeria and Jeronimo.  With your help, Valeria feels protected against Oberon.

Salty wonders what the strange creatures filling the lands are up to.  He hopes they’re harmless, but the “elves give us no peace.”  He also worries about Valeria.  Everyone wants protection from the elves and trade is in full swing.  Now with tons of clients, Jeronimo suddenly experiences a loss of his goods.  “But how could they get lost?”  Turns out the elves were behind the theft and they’re not as innocent as they look.  Salty’s dealing with cautious vendors and, even though people may be afraid of the elves, they still want to buy.  He’s afraid of going bankrupt!  Now someone has rummaged in the inn storage and something is missing!  Salty vows anyone caught rummaging in his storage will be punished!

Oeland is surprised “that scoundrel could have gone so far.  Oberon kidnapped my son, can you imagine?”  Oberon’s magic is too strong and he intentionally made it difficult to find the Knight.  Even with enhancing his power, Oeland still can’t find his son.  He’ll have to look for the Artifact instead.  “For a long time, I’ve been the keeper of the Artifact.  I can try and summon it at any time and distance.  But it won’t be easy!”  The Artifact is outside the Clan’s lands, and that complicates matters.  “What is left to do is to perform the rite of summoning, and we’ll get the Artifact of Nature!”  The Rite of Summoning was a success and the Artifact must be somewhere near.  His son’s life depends on your success.  ***Unicorn appears in Throne Hall*** 

The Unicorn, in Throne Hall, introduces himself, “Hello, human!  I’m the Unicorn, the Artifact of Nature, the guardian of balance in the world.  Are you worthy enough to speak to me?”  At first, the Unicorn doesn’t feel you’re happy to meet such a sacred creature and hopes that changes.  “After a long journey between the worlds, my legs are very tired.”  The Unicorn supposes that Oeland sent you and that he will be delighted by gifts from the Unicorn, even though you were the one who found them.  “Keeping the balance is an important and serious mission.” 

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LEVELS 28-29 cont.

Anabel’s beloved is lost and she’s sure Oberon had something to do with it.  “Where’s my Knight?  What happened to him?  I hope he’s alive – or undead.”  She performs a ritual and is relieved to find her beloved is alive.  But she doesn’t know where he is.  Reaching the Knight mentally doesn’t work because some strange magic is in the way.  Anabel plans to use her influence in the vampire clans to threaten Oberon.  “The council of the clans won’t oppose Oberon.  He’s too strong.”  Anabel can’t believe Oberon isn’t angry but she intends to protect herself, just in case. 

Oberon’s heard that Oeland has almost decided to exchange the Artifact for his son.  Oberon laughs at Oeland’s attempts to read his mind to find out where the Knight is.  But in an effort to influence the mighty Unicorn’s opinion, Oberon decides to free the Knight.  Oberon’s people won’t be able to survive without the Artifact and needs you to help persuade the Unicorn to help his people. 

The Unicorn says, “Help the King of Elves?  Hm…I doubt everything is as gloomy as he paints.”  He must find out how true Oberon’s stories are.  He thinks those who attacked the forest were trying to survive in the changing world.  The Unicorn is sure Oberon isn’t the one who is breaking the balance, but needs to make sure Oberon didn’t start the fight for the land.  Maybe dark forces are trying to survive under his oppression.  “It turns out the war wasn’t unleashed by Oberon.”  But Oberon still claims the dark forces have evil intentions.  But dark forces are meant to have such intentions; otherwise, they wouldn’t be dark.  Yes, the Unicorn can see the dark forces are evil, but the power balance is still fine.  The Unicorn’s interference isn’t required.  “Oberon says that evil forces are a manifestation of the Original Chaos Spirit.  I can hardly believe it.”  “I think Oberon brings more chaos when he’s here in the castle!  That’s why I have to meet you halfway…”  ***Unicorn disappears from Throne Hall***

Oberon thanks you “The Unicorn has grown well-disposed towards me, I’m sure.”  The Unicorn’s help is essential to Oberon’s people; otherwise, the hordes of the Chaos spirit will flood the forests.  “Finally, he believes me.  Now my people have a chance to survive.”  ***Oberon disappears from the Castle Gates and the Griffin appears***

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Rudoguil the Stony, at Cloud Pier, introduces himself as “the leader of the Expedition.”  But the Expedition is doomed because there are neither specialists nor supplies.  “Perhaps with your help, the Expedition will finally take place.”  Rudoguil says everything is working well and he’s even found a guide.  This is the third Expedition to the Source of Sorcery, “but with your help it will be successful!”  Every Expedition needs supplies, but this one needs peculiar ones.  Poor Rudoguil the Stony has been expelled from the clan and this Expedition is his last chance to restore his reputation.  “Why does everyone consider me a villain?  I’m a kind person!”  He’s constantly blamed for things he never did and with your help he’ll learn the reason why he’s rejected in Cloud City.  Rudoguil managed to get good food supplies at bargain prices for the Expedition.  There’s a rumor that a blood-thirsty pirate, who used to be a friend of Rudoguil, was seen in the neighborhood.  Rudoguil was accused of his friend’s crimes and now only wants justice. 

Chris the Assassin found out his assignment is still active and that means his goal is still active.  “My search for the Keeper is in full swing.”  He thinks you know where the Keeper of Wishes is hiding and questions you endlessly about the Expedition.  Thinking the Keeper is wherever the Source is, Chris decides to sign up for the Expedition.  A mount is needed to take part in the Expedition and Chris finds his friend (“Don’t look so surprised, killers also have friends!”) has a griffin.  But Chris can’t afford it yet, so he borrows one.  Chris describes his griffin as “a nasty piece of work” but hopes a spell will result in an obedient animal.  Unfortunately, domestication of the griffin failed.  Chris wishes you luck with the Expedition…”you’ll need it.”

Uncle Vesnik is “so happy to see you!  I owe my family’s happiness to you.”  The gnome builders began to restore the castle “but those gnomes are driving me mad!  They always want something!”  The gnomes, sly and demanding creatures, promised to renovate his daughter’s room quickly and beautifully.  “But I think the gnome builders have no idea what rooms for little girls should look like.”  There’s some weird animal living in his daughter’s room and it must be drawn out.  “The animal turned out to be harmless.  One look at my child and the animal (who she named Fluffy) it purred in her arms.  Problem solved.”  Oh, no!  “Those gnomes!  They painted the room grey!”  Uncle Vesnik decides to take control of the renovation to make his daughter’s room the most beautiful in this castle!  The part you are searching for is in the yard, but one of the columns collapsed blocking the stash.  “It turns out the gnomes know how to get the levitation spell to remove it!”  The fallen column was lifted, making the stash accessible.

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LEVEL 30 cont.

Salty has “decided to establish trade relations with Cloud City, but I’ve run out of goods to trade.”  His sources say there is high demand for several goods in Cloud City and he has high hopes that his business will thrive.  The profit margin is astounding, particularly with some goods that are prohibited in Cloud City.  “I can almost feel the golden coins in my palm!  Oh, how rich we’ll become!”  Don’t forget Salty’s motto…”Money makes the world go round!”

Murk, appearing in the Commercial District, introduces himself as an old, blind gnome.  “I used to have eyes, but a leap of faith rendered me blind.”  Thanks to you his dull days became a little brighter and “you can’t even imagine how sad it is to live in eternal darkness.”  Murk used to have eyes, but an evil witch stole them, leaving him to lead a miserable existence.  He experiences a long-forgotten feeling of hope that with you he can get his sight back.  There is a rite that can help Murk find his eyes, but his calculations were wrong, and the rite fails.  Still having some of his sorcerer’s charms, he tries again, hoping for positive results.  “Oh that cunning witch!  She hid my magic eyes just right.  Well, the time will come when she will pay for that!”

Skull Pete wants to share some information and some rum.  “I heard about that Expedition and I even know its leader Rudoguil.”  But he knew Rudoguil by a different name…Rudoguil the Bloody.  (Back on Level 21 Pete recalls his friend “Rudolph”, is this now Rudoguil?)  “He ruined so many lives but what a pirate he was!”  Pete asks if Rudoguil decided to be a pirate again, but it’s no good asking Rudoguil about Pete, he doesn’t always remember things.  Pete swears he’s stone-cold sober and that smell is from several bottles of ale that broke.  “This wasn’t good ale, or I’ve grown old…back then, the Bloody One and me could finish off a whole barrel.”  Sick and tired of the grotto, Pete asks if he can join the Expedition.  But with so much work and his ship still unfinished, decides “No, I’m not going!  Too much trouble!  You go and say hi to Rudoguil.  If he remembers me at all, ha-ha.”

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Rudoguil is a peaceful citizen of Cloud City and he’s sick and tired of people confusing him with some criminal gnome!  Suddenly, Rudoguil the Bloody appears, asking “Who are you?  Why are you here?  Do you know who I am?  I’m Rudoguil the Bloody, threat of all seas!”  Rudoguil the Bloody says everybody around seems to be crazy about some Expedition but he thinks he can make it more fun.  “What a surprise, our guide was accused of robbery!  Well yes, I framed him!  So what?”  Old Bloody heard you’re acquainted with an old pirate friend of his and would like to send Skull Pete a bottle of rum. 

Skull Pete is excited about getting some famous Elvish rum from his old friend.  Pete decides to return the favor to Old Bloody by making a batch of gnome wort.  He has a recipe for it, but not the ingredients.  Fortunately, he knows some vendors who could sell him some.  There is one unusual ingredient in gnome wort.  “I just hope that the she-gnome’s ringing laughter” isn’t from an actual she-gnome!”  Finally, the gnome wort is finished and Pete offers you a taste, “Don’t you want to try?  No?  Is it because of the color?”  Pete asks you to deliver this bottle of gnome wort personally to Rudoguil the Bloody. 

Old Bloody’s reaction to Pete’s gift, “Gnomes’ home brew beer!  Strong, agggrr!”  Rudoguil questions the amount of provisions you’re taking because he doesn’t want to carry too much weight.  He decides to solve the problem by selling all the excess provisions.  “Except now we have no provisions at all!  But I have money.”  

Henry the Archeologist thinks he can find out the reason why the previous expeditions failed.  “They found traces of a strange fire where the expeditions disappeared.”  After exploring further, Henry discovers a demonic fire was responsible and the innkeeper knows something, but won’t share it.  There was an item found where the expeditions vanished.  “How strange!  The item belongs to a gnome.  But neither of the participants owned it.”  Henry would like to talk to the gnomes in charge but he’d have to pay off the mercenary creatures.  “I’ll try and ask other gnomes, but you know they are extremely greedy.”  “The only gnome with a bad reputation is now the leader of the third expedition!  Hmmm…”  Unfortunately, the leader of the Expedition has an alibi.

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LEVEL 31 cont.

Murk is not the simple gnome you may think he is.  “Do you know what happened with two previous Expeditions?  I destroyed them!  I’m blind, but my sorcerer’s power is still with me!  To tell the truth, I didn’t mean to harm the destroyed Expeditions.  Not my idea!  So sad.”  Murk claims he will remain a slave to another’s will until he gets his eyes back.  The return of his eyes will give him strength and freedom of will and the ability to help with your Expedition.  So you help Murk regain his eyes “I can see again!  The witch has no control over me!  My strength is restored!”  *** Murk transforms into the Spirit of Chaos***

The Spirit of Chaos got rid of the slave collar, but couldn’t stay intact with his eyes stolen.  He gradually begins regaining his power, “I can feel the surge of energy.  Soon the guilty ones will pay for their atrocities!”  Your help has been priceless.  The Spirit knows you were sent by the witch to learn about his plans but he assures you he has no grudge against her, his plans are more important.  The Spirit of Chaos isn’t interested in the Portal, “I’m going to summon chaos from my world, and you’ve just helped me.  This world will surrender to me!” 

The Stone Fairy would like to help with the Expedition, but she can’t do much in her present state.  She doesn’t want to be made of stone forever and longs to fly, like other fairies.  You have lifted her spirits and she knows another ritual that could help her.  Gradually, her hand becomes less stony.  “I’ve heard the Expedition procurement leaves much to be desired” and helps by sending items to the leader of the Expedition.

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LEVEL 31 cont.

Rudoguil the Stony says “Our supplies of food and tools are gone!  Our guide is in jail!”  He begins restoring the supplies of food and buying tools to replace the stolen ones.  “Who could possibly have committed this robbery?”    The provisions turned out to be with the city merchants.  They looked surprised when Rudoguil bought back his own supplies!  He doesn’t think it’s a good idea to leave the suffering guide in jail mostly because there isn’t anyone to take his place.  Rudoguil takes all the procured items to bribe the guard for the guide’s freedom, but the guard is a greedy fellow.  Armed with more items for the guard, the guide is finally freed.  Running into a familiar merchant, “The merchant I bought our supplies from stated that I sold him the supplies, and then destroyed half of his kiosk.  Nonsense!”  Rudoguil gives some items to the merchant to redeem everything he supposedly destroyed but “I feel like I was framed.”  Finally, the provisions and equipment are almost ready, “But the guide refuses to go with us saying he needs the redemption of his moral damage.  The guide is really strange.  It’s as if he’s afraid of me.”    

The Witch says “You made an awful mistake returning eyes to this creature.  Now I fear he’ll take his revenge.”  The creature is much stronger than the Witch and now she no longer has power over him.  “Long ago, I summoned the ancient Chaos Spirit but he was too strong for me.  I took out his eyes to control him.  Until you meddled.”  The Witch ordered Murk to get rid of the first two Expeditions for reasons of her own.  “With nothing to stop Murk, something horrible might happen!  She tries to find out about Murk’s plans her own way, but the only result was losing contact with her agent.  “Hope he didn’t blab too much to the Spirit of Chaos before he died.”  Arabella plans to hire more reliable people from the Spy Guild by greasing the right palms.  “The Guild has terminated the contract!  We’ll have to find out the Demon’s plans ourselves.”  A simple plan might be better anyway, “That Murk has a peculiar sense of humor.  The Magic Eye – I won’t even tell you what I saw!”  The ominous intentions of the Spirit of Chaos are made known to Arabella, “The world is on the brink of catastrophe!  But we still have time.”

Valeria’s Spirit wants to help her dear Jeronimo make a fortune.  She found a couple of contracts for him in Cloud City, but to trade there, you need even the lowest rank in the Trade Guild.  Valeria bribed all the important people and now all the documents are ready.  She thinks Midnight Castle is beginning to look grand again and wants to help your Uncle by making her own contribution.  ***Valeria’s Spirit becomes human Valeria Steiner***  “I’m human again!  I can’t believe it!”

The progression of Valeria Steiner:

1.  Level 13 ghost

2.  Level 26 spirit (half ghost/half spirit)

3.  Level 31 human

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Happy not to be alone anymore, the Broken Automaton greets you in Metro Station and asks your help.  “Speech confirmed – must develop communication with human subject.  New word.  Gratitude.”  Automaton needs helps restoring his original functions and is able to increase capacity and realign his body.  “New thoughts submitted.  Human emotions pondered.”  Parts were needed for his hydraulic drive, after which his movement drill was successful.  He calls you “friend” and wants to acquire more complex thinking and greater intelligence from you.  Movement is life, so overcoming immobility is required, but damage is discovered and there are unknown complications to his muscular system.  Repair complexity was underestimated, but the new components fit well.  New functions and shiny new parts result in gratitude.  ***Broken Automaton transforms into Automaton***

The Spirit of Chaos greets you with “Well, my legions are late.  But I have no time to waste!”  He has some grand plans that require the work of many elements, including you.  “When you open the gates to the Source of Sorcery, the world will fill with magic.  That’s good, right?”  He also says “When the legions come, it would be better for the world to be filled with magic.”  After all, the more magic there is, the more chaos can devour!   

Ragnus Beardrune introduces himself “My name is Ragnus, and I am the keeper of the rune garden.”  He agrees to help you locate the Source of Sorcery, but his help is expensive.  He describes the Spirit of Chaos as a creature who doesn’t belong to this world and wonders how it got here.  “If this spirit is summoned from a different world, it might disturb the balance here.”  So far, all efforts to banish the demon are in vain and the Spirit of Chaos is only growing stronger!  Ragnus “discovered that collecting a certain amount of magic artifacts might help keep the balance in our world.”  The fate of the world depends on you and while the balance is intact for now, it might change at any moment.  Ragnus searched through the ancient volumes and found the Unicorn is the only way to defeat the demon.  But where is he?  It won’t be easy to find this magic beast, but there’s no choice.  “Oberon won’t give away the Unicorn’s whereabouts.  We need to track him.”  Ragnus has heard a lot about the Source of Sorcery over the years, but he’s never seen it.  “As the keeper of the Rune Garden, it’s my responsibility to collect magic from all over the world.”  He knows for sure the way to the Source goes right through his Rune Garden.  “Until the Spirit of Chaos is defeated, magic is in danger.  That’s why I’m trying to collect as much as possible.”  If magic were to suddenly disappear from the world, Ragnus would have a chance to revive it with his collection of runes and magic.  Ragnus declares “Your name will stay in historical records of our world.  The next generation of gnome-conjurers will appreciate your help.”