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Midnight Castle Dialog   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/22/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 55915 views.
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In exchange for help with his portal, Torrum has learned a lot of secrets about this land, and one of them is a mysterious stone.  The Polar Star will light the battlefield, exposing the dark forces while casting no shadows.  Torrum continues working on the portal and trusts you to look for anything unusual and worthy of his attention.  “Cogs and gears!  My most important tool got broke!  Just when my luck was turning!”  Then even worse luck, “Each hour brings a new challenge.  A shadow bat flew by my portal and knocked an important part off.  It’s more fragile than I thought.  Bad luck won’t break my spirit!”  Just another minor setback, fixing the part was easy, but Torrum must double his efforts to make up for lost time.  While work on the portal continues, a visit to Morisa, the Forest Witch might be in order.

Morisa had a sign that guests would be arriving, “A spoon fell from the table in the morning, followed by a fork.”  Morisa knows a lot about the Northern Breath and hopes you’re ready to listen.  “The Northern Breath is an ancient was divided into five separate artifacts, and each was hidden in a different place.  It took many talented artisans to create it.  The Northern Breath contains five dangerous artifacts.  The mage who designed it ultimately understood that nobody should possess such a weapon.” 

“The Firestorm Eye was found inside an ice volcano of the North by dwarven miners.  The Firestorm Eye can create a powerful magic aura.  I believe it’s a truly unique artifact.”

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“The Dragon Fire Orb is a special vessel created by Uls the Vitreous, an ancient artisan who could turn scraps of glass into masterpieces.  The Dragon Fire Orb was reinforced by dragon fire to withstand any heat and keep it safely inside.”

“A long-forgotten jeweler created the Horns of Half-Moon.  It was his last creation, imbued with his remaining life force as he slipped into the next life.  The Horns of Half-Moon shine even in complete darkness, lighting the way for travelers.”

“The Polar Star is the most mysterious part of the Northern Breath.  No one knows where it comes from.  Those who try to study its history only go mad.”  That’s all Morisa knows about the Polar Star but she believes its full potential has yet to be unlocked.

“The Ice Wings were kept in the royal treasury in the far North until the day the descendants of their creator asked for them back.  The King decided not to fight over the artifact and returned it to the Shadow Elves.  The Elves were pleased.”

Morisa further explains, “The Northern Breath will obey the one who can collect its parts and tame the power roaring inside it.  You have that ability.  You’ll understand what I mean when you take the assembled Northern Breath in your hands.  In the hands of a kind person, the Northern Breath can fight the darkest evil, but in the wrong hands, it will only make the evil worse.”  This is why it was hidden away.  The Northern Breath will become a powerful weapon against the Lord of Darkness.  Morisa believes the Northern Breath can cast the evil Lord so far away, he may never be able to return.

She hopes you learned something new and hopes to see you next time.

Torrum promises the Polar Star is in his secret stash and he’s the only one who has access to it. 

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With the final part to the portal solving Torrum’s problems, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  “Bless my bolts!  The portal is almost ready.  I’ll be able to leave this forsaken place soon and return to my own projects.  I just need to place the final components, and I can make the journey home.” 

Torrum hands over the Polar Star, with these parting words, “We work very well together!  I hope we’ll meet again in our world!  Good luck, my friend!  (Torrum, the Weapon Maker disappears from Town of Shadows and reappears in Valley of Fallen Giants, Northern Islands)

Lilith the Huntress is happy to see you again and has news to share.  She and Shadow mean so much to each other, but the Lord of Darkness stands in the way.  Lilith says “Shadow has changed.  He still serves the Lord of Darkness, but he’s secretly helping us from the inside!”  Lilith wants to perform a small elvish ritual to protect Shadow from the Lord’s evil influence.  “The ritual is as old as the Shadow Elves themselves.  It is used to protect families and loved ones.”  According to Lilith, Shadow is the most important thing in the world to her.  “I need to brew a special elvish drink called Heart’s Warmth for the ritual.  Once I drink it, I’ll sing a special song, and the warmth of my love will protect Shadow.  I must remember the ingredients.  I’ve never made it before, but this seems like the right time and for the right person.”  Locating all the ingredients begins, “It’s not hard to find a thistle leaf, and elves all carry the blood of the tree of ancients, but the rest is going to be a challenge.”  

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It seems the forest heart flowers try to hide from your gaze.  And the moon tea is made from special moon leaves that must be brewed for many hours under the beams of the in crescent moon.  Next on the list is agate ginger root, a popular potion ingredient available from an herbalist.  Lastly is the usually hard to find red lemon.  “My life-defining tea is brewing.  I’ll drink it and sing the song to put Shadow under the invisible protection of a girl who’s in love with him.”  According to the ritual, Lilith must be alone when she sings her song of love.  “I feel so alive!  It must mean that we succeeded, and Shadow is under the protection of ancient elvish magic.”

Lilith wonders what Shadow is feeling.  It’s still too dangerous for them to communicate so she asks you to visit him.

Shadow senses an aura of elvish magic around him and knows it must be Lilith’s doing.  Shadow is all for taking preemptive steps rather than waiting for the sad consequences in dealing with the Lord of Darkness’s evil plans.  Shadow says the Lord of Darkness is preparing a second wave, “The Lord of Darkness is going to strike again.  He won’t stop until he’s made everyone in this world his faithful shadow servants.  I feel powerful enough to save everyone but powerless to do it.”

Shadow knows the Lord of Darkness is preparing a ritual that will banish the sun from the sky.  “Only moonlight will light your world.”  Shadow intends to help him with the ritual, but will replace certain ingredients, sabotaging him long enough to buy some time.  “The Lord of Darkness is going to notice my trick, but it will be worth it if it gives you enough time to assemble the artifact.”  So far, so good.  Shadow replaced a couple items unnoticed that will create complications for the Lord, but it won’t stop him.  Shadow wants to replace one more thing.  Shadow wants to send a gift to Lilith, a Bracelet of Good Intentions.  He decides to make it himself and chooses the first stone carefully.  “The pink star stone is a symbol of eternal love.  They say it can only be found by those who seek true love.”  Next is a pile of pearls from the depths of the Timeless Sea, but the black market will do just fine.  Shadow finishes the bracelet for Lilith and wants to use the most beautiful and clever bird to send it – the Shadow Harpy.

Lilith couldn’t be happier that everything is going well and Shadow is trying to sabotage the Lord’s plans.  

***Shh...Don’t bother me while I’m on the hunt.  If I need help, I’ll ask.  (End of Update)