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Halloween Event Friends for IOS   Friends

Started 4/23/18 by TinyFaerie; 104291 views.

From: misstracy22


Oh. I just made fiends too. Sorry to see you go. Maybe, hopefully you will return. Then be able to have fun again storming the castle.
Will you still be able to pop in the forum to catch up?


Tracy penguin


From: Motom70


Crystal:  Always wanted to ask, how do you have two games on iPad?  I recently got a new MacBook Air but I’m playing on iPad.  Tried to load a new game on the MacBook, but BF doesn’t seem to like that format much.  

After my first iPad crashed, I bought a new one last November.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get my old game back, but I had fun catching up and surpassing my previous game!  Consequently, I didn’t get to play the Autumn Event last year, so this is the first time playing it on the new game.  To ensure all the ghosts would be captured, I saved up 900 ghost traps, which was a bit overkill, but the goal was reached with two weeks to spare!  Things was looking bleak with the Halloween pets, but thanks to good friends like you, Datsalotta and too many to mention, I have two more to go, lacking 10 each Swamp Sparks and Bird Claws.  I’ve been on the DQ’s constantly, so that’s helped a lot as well. 

Hope you and your loved ones are well and thriving during these strange times.  

Any information you can give on my request will be appreciated and as always, stay safe and take care.



From: LvlSlgr


Lizzie - are you the person who plays on PC platform as "lizzziep13" and "lizziep21"???

If you are, what happened? You added to your game name that you would be back on 9/30, but that didn't happen. You've always been very good about returning. Some of us were wondering if maybe you had a problem with your PC and lost your games.  Hope everything is okay.

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Hi Lizziep13,

Glad you made it back to MC, but was sad to see that it's in IOS and not PC. I created a post looking for you and your games, and someone that is in my game, let me know that she saw that you were now on IOS. Wishing you the best and hope you have a happy holiday.

Shylo 917173

Shylo (shylo2425)

From: Shylo (shylo2425)


Thank you for sharing the information about Lizziep13. I sent her a msg, and hated to know she wouldn't be back on PC.

Thanks again!



From: AEGram


Motom70 said:

Crystal:  Always wanted to ask, how do you have two games on iPad?

I Googled this and there's a feature for Business iPads/schools, but it seems a bit convoluted to try on a regular iPad.

There's no real way to set up different user accounts on a regular iPad....there was some suggestion about putting things in folders for each "user," but I don't know how that impacts the games you play.

We'll be with my daughter and her husband on Thanksgiving Day. They are both Apple knowledgeable and if anyone would know how possible it is, they would. I'll ask them and get back with you after Thursday.

Hello MoTom70smiley_cat

I have 2 games on 2 Different iOS devices. iPhone and iPad. smile_cat

I do have my first game from older iPad, but can not access it, as software too old to launch game. Big Fish said it could transfer that game to any platform. I have contemplated on transferring to PC….but I would rarely open that game. Have thought of just placing seasonal rooms on that game….but haven’t done it so far.kissing_cat

Looking forward to Winter eventsantaevergreen_treesnowflakesnowman

p.s. Happy to gift items for those pets, many others  have left overs after seasonal events. smile_cat


From: i2816221


Please add me as friend. I281221. Thanks. 


From: misstracy22



Just a little bit more info might help you receive invites. 
Your player name comes in handy. Which level you are on, as some players will invite you if you are on lower level so they can help you. 

It would also help if you had a little picture so friends can recognise you. Instead of the faceless portrait. See mines a picture of the world. Others have pets, things that they like. Some change them with the seasons, which I think is really nice. Films stars, trees anything really. 

Have you just started with MC or a long time player. I know I’m far too nosey only it helps so we know who you are.

If you need help with anything please just ask, there is never a stupid question and lots of friends to offer help on this forum.

Ttacy - consort member


From: Maggie1947


Have you tried going to Elephant Games help and not big fish? They have been very helpful to me.

Ibdapita on iPad