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Halloween Event Friends for IOS   Friends

Started 4/23/18 by TinyFaerie; 104492 views.

Hello MoTom70smiley_cat

I have 2 games on 2 Different iOS devices. iPhone and iPad. smile_cat

I do have my first game from older iPad, but can not access it, as software too old to launch game. Big Fish said it could transfer that game to any platform. I have contemplated on transferring to PC….but I would rarely open that game. Have thought of just placing seasonal rooms on that game….but haven’t done it so far.kissing_cat

Looking forward to Winter eventsantaevergreen_treesnowflakesnowman

p.s. Happy to gift items for those pets, many others  have left overs after seasonal events. smile_cat


From: i2816221


Please add me as friend. I281221. Thanks. 


From: misstracy22



Just a little bit more info might help you receive invites. 
Your player name comes in handy. Which level you are on, as some players will invite you if you are on lower level so they can help you. 

It would also help if you had a little picture so friends can recognise you. Instead of the faceless portrait. See mines a picture of the world. Others have pets, things that they like. Some change them with the seasons, which I think is really nice. Films stars, trees anything really. 

Have you just started with MC or a long time player. I know I’m far too nosey only it helps so we know who you are.

If you need help with anything please just ask, there is never a stupid question and lots of friends to offer help on this forum.

Ttacy - consort member


From: Maggie1947


Have you tried going to Elephant Games help and not big fish? They have been very helpful to me.

Ibdapita on iPad


From: Motom70


Thank you, Crystal.  I’m thinking about getting another iPad next October for a second game.  That might be the easiest method, but I guess I could try the iPhone in the meantime.  Appreciate you very much and a big thank you for gifts!  Couldn’t have done it without all my wonderful friends.  Christmas Event is coming, but I’m thankful for the extended Fall Event as well.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  Take care and be safe!  MoTom70.