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The Girl Who Grew Up in Midnight Castle    Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/26/18 by Desertdruid (stillDruid); 29564 views.
In reply toRe: msg 125

I put the Freezing Sphere into the Heart of the Mystery Chamber and then went to see the Professor. 

Professor Pinfeathers said that only the last piece of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber is missing and that we can't give up now. He told me that the Wise Dragon must know something about the Bronze Lid. 

I headed for the Forbidden Tower and the Wise Dragon, when I finished speaking with the professor. The Dragon asked me what I thought he might be thinking about right now? As I had no idea, (the dragon tends to think of some really strange things), he asked if I thought he was thinking about a Princess, just because he is a dragon? He told me that is such a stereotype! He wants me to bring him the Sign of Rocky Throne to distract his thoughts from unwanted matters. He also wants the Star Light. He mentioned that gold and jewelry never fail to cheer him up and wondered if perhaps it cheered me up too. I had never thought about it that way and told him so. 

He then got a little weird with his thinking again, and told me that sometimes someone is considered dead, but yet they appear to be alive. On the other hand he said to me... I had no idea what he was talking about so I was glad when he told me to forget about that for now. He could see that I was intrigued, but he needed me to bring him the Soul Selector. When I returned, he told me that he had some things to consider right now, and wanted me to go and see the troll. He'll know what to do with me, the dragon told me.

In reply toRe: msg 126

The next morning, I went to see the "troll" Henry the Archaeologist. He was glad to see me and said that he likes that I arrive exactly when he needs me. He is now thinking of opening a store of relics, and asked me what I thought. I just shrugged my shoulders because I didn't really think it was a good idea. But Henry has been nice to me so I will do whatever he wants to open his store. He said that we have to find some things to sell. The Sun Amber would be a good start, and he also wants me to examine the Tree of Knowledge as the Pendant of Tears must be there. He feels that the launch will be incredible! He also needs a pretty sales assistant, but I am not volunteering for that one! Once I found what he needed, he told me that he found a nice hut he could use for the store, but he's not sure about it's location. Well, lets get more relics for now, he said. The Wizard's Ball is always in demand according to Henry, and he also wants the Black Widow. He thinks that the sound of the first coins coming into his store sounds like a sweet chime. 

Henry is not in a good mood today because he had a terrible nightmare that he was a troll again. And that there were two she-trolls fighting over him. That would give me nightmare's! He wants me to check the Antique Shop and select something really valuable like a Light Bringing Sign, and that the Volume of Fury must be in the Armored Bear. After I collected his items, he said that he was tired. And he wondered if he is really a business man. We just need to deliver two more orders, he told me and then he will quit. He said that one necromancer requires the Tears of Impurity from the Rune Alter, and another customer who seems to be a werewolf, needs the Aurochs Horn. I found them quickly and he told me that I am a search genius. He commented that it was nice working with me, and he is nearly ready to close the shop. We just need to find some items for that horrible witch, he told me. And he told me to hurry as she has threatened him. I should get the Claws of the West quickly, and the witch also need the Heaviness of Sin. He asked me to hurry, as he is afraid the witch will make him a troll again. Finally, the business is closed, the witch is pleased and Henry is still human. Having finished Henry's requests, I headed back to the Dragon in the Forbidden Tower.

In reply toRe: msg 127

As I walked into the Forbidden Tower, the Wise Dragon said that collectors the world over vie for this little beauty which was really a soul selector. He was surprised that I was back already. He thought that it had only been 5 minutes when in reality it had been quite a while. It took me a long time to get all of Henry's items for him. Anyway, the dragon thought that it was weird that it only seemed like 5 minutes. He said that he missed my uncle as I do. When actually, I have never met him, although I had heard of many who spoke well of my uncle. The dragon said that it would be wonderful to see him again. Then apologized for bringing him up. He said that the River of Time is whispering that the pirate needs my help. So that is where I headed next, to see Skull Pete at Mirror Lake. 

When I got to him, he didn't even greet me, he just told me that he had found a place to sell the Light of Lore, if I can find it. He said I should search the skulls as there might be something valuable there. He told me that he can now afford an entire fleet, and repairing his ship is what he's going to do next. The first thing we need is the Rune of Ignition. And his ship won't survive without the Cannon Ball. So I found what he wanted and brought them back to him and upon seeing them he said that he loves hearing good news, and gave me a Yo Ho Ho! He feels that being human has never been better and he should start thinking about securing his mortal life. He asked me to check the Stone Chaps to find something that would make him rich, and also have a look at the Winter Garden. The Celestial Pendant must be there. I left and came back with his items so quickly that he said Holy Anchors Aweigh! I thought that was kind of funny and laughed with him. He then told me that I don't give him any reason to doubt me. Then he whispered to me that a bottle of amazing Armagnac fell into his hands and that it is an honor to taste it. When I refused him, he said that's okay, it left more for him. Meanwhile he had asked me to check the Glass Painting, and he wouldn't mind having the Shard of Soul. When I came back, he was enjoying the Armagnac while I was running errands and he thought that was perfect. He told me that everything was very well done, called me a seaman, and told me to come back later as the sea won't wait. Whatever that meant. I think he has already had too much Armagnac.

In reply toRe: msg 128

I traveled back to the Forbidden Tower to the Wise Dragon, who told me that our Werewolf Knight isn"t doing well right now. He asked me to please go and help him. 

So I skipped on over to the werewolf knight, and he knew that the dragon sent me to him. He apparently was looking for me. He needs my help to get the Tiara of Rapacious Age and the Druid's Hand from the Stone Bowl. So I went to do his bidding and when I returned, he said that I had taken his request seriously and he is grateful. He said that when it comes to Anabel, fate enjoys a joke and called me his friend. Then while I was here with him, he asked if I would mind helping him for a bit. Of course, I told him that I would be glad to help him. He would like the Almighty Luck, and the Knight's Honor. When I returned with his items, he said that it was nice to see me back safe and sound. I then wondered why he might think otherwise? After thanking me for my help, he told me that some say that someone is going to drag his good name through the mud. He needs my help to prevent that. We need to find the Mask of Pursuit, and he is also looking for the Taste of Prey. It is a matter of honor, he told me. I had better hurry so that he can stop someone from dishonoring him. 

Unfortunately, it took me a little while to make the Mask of Pursuit as I had to get the Hyena Chain from the Harp in Blossoms, the Beast Scratch from the Ice Monster, and the Demon's Eye from the Burnt Tree. According to the legend, when you wear the Mask of Pursuit, people run away. When I took it back to him, he said that I was so kind and called me his friend and thanked me. He said that Anabel was going on a little trip and he can't be with her. Only the light of his love, and some specific items can protect her from harm. He wants me to get the Chastening Power from the Writing Corner and the Medal of Slaughter from the Dead Ambassador. Then I had to retrieve the Prism of Retribution from the Writing Corner as well, and the Battle Horn from the Carnivorous Lily. Then he needed me to check the Doll Showcase for the Auroch's Horn. When I got back, he told me that I had helped him again! He was so relieved!

The Werewolf Knight asked me if I had heard that they are going to steal the family shield. I had not heard this and told him so. He asked if I could help him prevent that. I said that I certainly would if I could and asked him what I could do.

In reply toRe: msg 129

The Knight asked me to bring him the Celestial Hunter and he said that he can't do without the Wild Flame from the Crocodile Bush. I am to return to him when I find those things. When I returned, he said that was the right thing to do, and that he hoped that the future may be good to me. The family shield, the icon of the castle, will be protected, he told me. I was about to leave, when he invoked my aid! He needs the Call of Triumph and the Sign of Mercy, and then told me that it would be a good plan to visit the Tree of Knowledge. I should find the Chain of Fear and that there is no time for delay! He stated that we would talk when I brought him those items that he needs. He told me that my deed is admirable and that I should be proud of myself. 

As I had finished the Knight's errands, I went back to the Wise Dragon. He mused that people seem to be very happy with my willingness to help. He said that I should take his praise and his reward. He heard that I was looking for a certain magical item, and that if I help him, he will check his treasury. To begin with, he would like me to find the Star of Renovation, and the Purifying Sign from the Glass Painting. When I finally was able to get the items for him, he said that the River of Time brought him the words that the Innkeeper is waiting for me. 

So off I went to see Salty the Innkeeper. When I arrived, Salty Took told me that the dragon told him that he might soon see his dear Valeria. He would like to get the Night Shadow from the Doll Showcase, and that the Pendant of Tears will prove his good intentions. When I brought them back to the Inn, he said that he is now ready to meet his beloved, and that I have his grateful thanks. 

Done with Salty's errands, I returned to the Wise Dragon. He asked me how I was doing with my errands. When I told him that I had completed my tasks for the Innkeeper, he said that he thinks I have earned the Bronze Lid. Take it and be happy, he told me. 

When I took the Bronze Lid back to the Professor, he told me that as I had the last piece of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, I should use it to activate the mechanism. He was excited that the Heart of the Mystery Chamber is in place and that the Machine of Wishes is waiting. I am so excited too. Now I can wish that my Mom is healthy and back home!

In reply toRe: msg 130

Professor Pinfeathers said that it is a wonderful day! We've almost finished repairing the Heart. As I place the last item into the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, it became apparent that something was still wrong. The Professor was very disappointed when he said that apparently the machine is in worse shape than he expected. We need parts to restore the Machine of Wishes - the energy storage. He told me that the Pirate may know where to find the Hardened Chain. 

I sadly walked off to a corner of the castle and sat down to cry. Now I can't wish for my Mom to come home. After a few moments of feeling sorry for myself, I decided that what I should be doing is find the parts needed to repair the Machine of Wishes. So off I went to see the Pirate, hoping that he can help me find what is needed. But knowing the Pirate, I knew that I would be doing several errands for him first. That's okay, I thought. Helping him, will help me too. 

When I approached Skull Pete, he said that he doesn't know anything about any Hardened Chain. He can only think about repairing his ship now. He asked me to find the Silent Judge in the Shining Split, and wants me to examine the Antique Shop, just in case other items he needed were there. He said that if I brought these things to him, he would take a look. He is still not sober, he told me. When I returned, he was happy with the items. He called me his friend and said that I always help him out of a tight spot. 

Finally, he said to me, we are finally done with the most important part of the ship. He stated that there must be a Lunar Eclipse in the Pirate Ship and an item he needs in the Skulls. He needs me to come back soon, because the repairs can't wait. When I returned with his items, I heard him hollering a mile away. I guess he was trying not to use any bad words because I heard him saying something like "thunderation and an Iron Maiden". Then he told me that the wheel had broken again. He needed me to hurry and find the Ring of Bloody Eyes, and to check the Crocodile Bush for the Silver Embrace. He said there was no time to spare, and that he hoped his patch will survive at least one sail. As I returned with the items he wanted, he told me that he searched his ship from top to bottom, and he had found my Hardened Chain. But he needs something in return, the Mask of Virtue and the Forged Key to go with it. He has a lot of things to do, he told me, so I had best hurry!

In reply toRe: msg 131

So hurry I did, and returned quickly with his requested items. He did not think that I could work so fast! He told me that the repairs are going well, and he feels that he can give out the Hardened Chain, but firstly he wants me to find the Blood Greed in the Mosaic Panel and to bring him the Shackles of Chaos. After I returned, he told me that I would make a good sailor! He gave me the Hardened Chain and told me that I deserved it! Thank you Skull Pete, I told him. 

After I put the Hardened Chain on the Machine of Wishes, the professor told me that Henry the Archaeologist could find the Adamant Ring for the Machine.  

Henry stated that the circumstances of my uncle's death are still unclear. He wants to get to the bottom of the case. He needs the Volume of Fury from the Armored Bear and he needs the Seal of Dawn even more! When I gave him the book and seal, he told me that the facts are clear, despite his lack of detective skills. He is still investigating my uncle's death and it calls for some odd items. He needs the Regal Wreath, and he can't do without the Sun Amber. When I returned with the items, he was happy and surprised that I found them. Now he can keep working, the investigation continues. He believes that I can be of help to him, by bringing him the Sign of Mercy from the Book of Evil. And he wants me to look into the Binding Egg. There might be something there. He asked me if I wouldn't hurry and I told him that I would. He doesn't want to troll around here. When I came back he thanked me and told me that his focus isn't what it used to be before he became a troll. He then told me that my uncle's body had never been found and he found that interesting. He then asked me to go to the Castle Entry, as the Obsidian Whirlwind should be there and he needs the Demon's Eye right now! He said that it is important that I hurry. He hopes that these items will clear things up.

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Sadie (Sadie700)

From: Sadie (Sadie700)


I have had it with this worthless game.  There will be no continuation of any stories due to the fact that you can not get any inventory from the HOS anywhere!  If I had to rate this game, it would get a one, (only because there is no zero) and an "I do not recommend this game at my current level".  I do not understand why some people I know think that this game is fine like it is.  Yet they have Ice Breath's on their list along with the impossible to get inventory items.  I do not need more darn shards!  I already have the shard achievement, and I don't need the paltry coins.  At my level, I needed inventory items.  

I am going to spend out my coins, paltry inventory, airship items and diamonds and then I am through.  I have put up with this nonsense of getting shards from every HOS in the game, and I have had it!  I will have no lists, and will gift out when and where I can.  I cannot in good conscience write a story based on a game I have begun to hate.

I know that my response will tick off some of you who are still leveling up.  In that case, I hope you get the inventory you need to level up.  But I will be gone soon.

Had it with shards and coins from HOS's

Sadie and Maya