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ROOMS TO LET   Friends

Started 7/26/19 by CHARLIE (charlieisr); 20581 views.

From: snowmany


Whew, girl.  That's a lot of gaming.  Are they all on pc?  I have trouble doing one!  I play as Fiona #613059 so will send you invites to all 3.  I don't come in very often-only started getting friends last summer, so am just learning the "fine tuned" parts of this escapade.  Stay safe.

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From: SharpEye1


Posting this again to bring this thread forward.  heart_eyes

By the way, for anyone who needs them, here are the game names and ID's for anyone who wants to rent them.  Just remember--NO GIFTING PLEASE!  Also, be sure to PM Charlie if you send invites so she knows to open them to accept!

DAWNA     182128

GERALYNN  381818


LEILA   380102

MI MI   57965 (yes this ID s correct, less numbers when it's from the beginning of MC)

VELMA & VERNA  381826

ETA:  Just to clarify--These are Charlie's games not mine. LOL 


From: Honeyphan


I also have a new seasonal room to let (and perhaps, will have 2 more soon!) :)

Honey 2   - Id#  890009

No gifts necessary - unless you need to gift to progress in your game. Anything shown on my card is usually something I need to transfer between my games.

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From: Honeyphan


Honey 3 is open for business! :)

Open to any and all!

id# 890258

As with Honey 2, I will swap between Christmas rooms so each one can be played each game day (usually I change over a few hours before game changeover, which is at at 6pm cst) ... I plan to be there throughout each seasonal event - gifting isn't necessary, only if you need it to progress.

I hope to have Honey 4 up tomorrow, but it might be after Christmas.

Have a Merry one! :)

And have fun in the event!

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