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Android Extra rooms available    Friends

Started 7/27/19 by Janna (McCastles); 1253 views.
Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



So. very kind of you!! 

I play on iOS, put I want to copy my wonderful friends who play on Android so if they choose to, they have the opportunity offered by your generous hospitality!!

Many thanks once again for your giving spirit and kind nature!! Enjoy and have fun with the Anniversary Event!! 


PS....Dot, Wendulka, Lizardo, I wanted to make sure you saw this post!! Hope you are all enjoying the Anniversary Event!! Have fun!! 


From: Wendulka


Thank you! I found the room yesterday and i saw all your avatars have gone green again. I've been taking a bit of break over the past 3 weeks, just logging in once a day to send gifts to friends (trying to read books after work as i've got about 100 unread books on my kindle, and for the past year i've been playing midnight castle in all my free time). But now there is new event i'll go back to playing

Janna (McCastles)

From: Janna (McCastles)


Hello friends and room mates, 

please feel free to invite yourself to as many rooms you like. 

I am going to check once a day to confirm requests.

Full up castles will be taken off from the list.

At the moment l am still to busy to play, hopefully l ll manage after the challenge is over.

Wish you all a great time, Janna 

Janna (McCastles)

From: Janna (McCastles)



you are very welcome,

have fun.


In reply toRe: msg 7

From: Lizzardo123


Ant idea how long the event will last?   I have not played much this time but should really hit the rooms so I don't run out of cash and blimp things!!!!

Thanks for inviting me into the room!