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FRIENDS OF SHYLO-shoulder gave out   Friends

Started 8/10/19 by Shylo (shylo2425); 7687 views.

From: Randytb


Hey there Shylo,

Sorry I am late in answering this post but ya see Da ole Cap is in da same boat as you dear heart,

After I had the left knee replaced I asked about my left shoulder that at that time was starting to bug me.

He told me he does not do shoulders but would refer me to his college well that is two years ago and have now lost 90 % usage and in pain 24/7/365 to the point my MC is suffering lol

Good thing I am right handed or I would be up the creek.

I am all for PT but dead set against the injections as a retired Medic I know the damage they can do oh sure they help ** when done right that is** but it is only temporary and you do not feel the damage you do to the bones because the injections mask the pain.

Surgery is a big step but for me the only way to fix this for me === total replacement .

All the best to you my friend and know I am right there for you a tad tarty lol but still here.