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CC vs Achievements Quandary   Achievements and Musings

Started Nov-16 by alliebdive; 1685 views.

From: alliebdive


ROFL!  Ah well.....  My primary targets at the moment are the DQ achievements, fitting in Trina when she matches those.  It would seem the Trina quests are even further away than I ever imagined and unless something changes in the game (and who knows!!) I might never reach them - the game could end before that.  Thanks for the stats!!

I just love reading all those statistics....especially since I'll never in a million years finish those achievements.  Let me just say that I pity Elephant Games if they should change the achievement requirements for the DQs and Trina because there will be a boatload of hurting heaped on them from players who have devoted so much time and effort to completing all the achievements.  LOL


From: AEGram


Welll.....they DID lower the final requirement for Friend Indeed from 500 to 60! ......and that one was a far easier one to complete than the DQs and Trina's quests.