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Started 11/19/19 by CHARLIE (charlieisr); 1095 views.
Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


The benefit of having even a semi-charged Battery in place is that IF/WHEN the power goes out, you at least have a few minutes to backup your Castle and Shutdown the computer correctly.

Another option, if you don't have a working Battery and are running straight from AC, you could purchase an Uniterruptible Power Supply and connect your device to THAT UPS which is connected to the wall outlet.  When the power goes out, the UPS kicks in and should give you several hours of juice.

I bought one from Amazon for $50? for Dad's Desktop PC which he leaves ON alll the time, with documents open . . . without the UPS, the computer doesn't have time to Shutdown properly, his documents are corrupted, requiring Recovery.  What a pain in the arse! 

The UPS is a LIFESAVER.  Dad's Desktop PC/UPS combo functions like a Laptop with a working Battery.  And whatever else is plugged into the UPS still functions for hours. I had to buy an adapter for his Monitor, but that's no biggie.

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Excellent advise Dhyani. I will look into getting one of those. Cheaper than purchasing a new laptop when I don't really need to. I don't leave my computer on when I'm not using it, and power interruptions are extremely rare, but still a good idea.