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Staying Event Friends   Friends

Started Dec-2 by ppw54; 1223 views.

From: oiuoiu321


Well, I knew that gifting would be complicated.  I gave it hours of thought before I had a single friend.

ppw, basically if someone doesn't want to stay on your list after the event, they will put you in the declined their Declined folder.  You will see them move to your Invited folder.  Otherwise, they're OK with staying your friend.

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We would add SE after our name and that also helped to know who is just for the Events, not everyday friends.  For me this helped to know who to gift regularly.


From: LvlSlgr


Adding "SE" or "FE" doesn't work because your regular everyday friends will see it also.

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From: Flootie


I just thought event friends simply take down their wish list when one event ends and puts it back up for the next one. Please let me know if I need to lowercase my name or if I’m ok with my S at the beginning.

Best wishes

player name Shroomie


From: BJApple


This is a surprise to me.  I treat all players the same.  I have friends who gift almost every day...some who never gift (I assume they only want access to my room).  I do remember when I first started the gifting aspect of the game, the first friends that sent me invites put rare items (to me at least)...I decided then that I would make gifting as easy and fair as possible. 


From: Flootie


I’m the same as you, BJApple, gift what I can when I can. I don’t gift if a friend is red - unless they let me know they’re experiencing problems with their game, then they remain in my gifting loop.