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Still not able to Play on iPad   Technical Issues

Started 12/10/19 by !RAGGIE-TX/OR (MaggieHand); 11136 views.
L. Diana (LDiana)

From: L. Diana (LDiana)


Yes I know. All I ever got was a new id# and the game started all over w/ nothing. 
they didn’t even notify me. I just clicked in one day thinking if it blanked out again, I’d just delete the game completely.

but up came a completely new game starting from the beginning w/ nothing but a new id#. 

I then contacted Big Fish and gave them my old Id# and my new Id# and they were then able to transfer my old game ( level 90 something) to my new Id#. So I then had all of everything from before but under a new id#. 

L. Diana (LDiana)

From: L. Diana (LDiana)


Yeah I missed winter event too. But I did finally get all my previous inventory etc. just missed out on winter stuff. Honestly, I was just so excited to have my game PLUS there were several new levels (finally), I just wanted to play!

so glad you are playing again- wish you luck too!