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PC Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started 12/13/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 35750 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

Changes are afoot.........Did someone order scrambled eggs? Yes just when you were getting comfortable with who is displaying each egg, we’ve added a twist. As of today 5th January 2020, the Consortium members have changed their egg group. 

This may slow things down for a day or two while we get the message out and make the changes, so apologies if the egg you are trying to get rid of is not being displayed. The other Egg Drop players lists will not be changing, so there should still be spots available. Please be patient with us and give a shout out if you are having any troubles. 

This message is relevant to all taking part in the Winter Event Egg Collecting.

Get yourself a’s a long one. 

All PC players who offered to help.


Consortium and other Egg Drop Point Players
Please display eggs as per the following list and put a message next to your game name.

For Consortium members please put your game name followed by Consort or Consortium eg. DotJ - Consortium.

For Egg Drop Off Points please put your game name followed by EggDrop or Eggs4Consort
eg. TinyFaerie - EggDrop; or TF - Eggs4Consort.

Egg Collectors

Please put any items you need to help you complete Daily Quests on your Wishlists and please put your game name followed by Helping Consort or an abbreviation of that
eg. Oui - HelpConsort.

I don’t mean to sound bossy (and reading it myself that’s how it sounds to me - so big apologies there). The reason for it, is to help everyone during the event, including those players that aren’t involved in the Egg Collecting, Storing and Passing (hence the name Team Egg Roll), incase they wonder why your Wishlist isn’t changing.

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From: Annemaree


Thanks for the updated information.  My question/s are the game doesn't always give the same eggs each day, one day may favor white bear and fire rooster with a few snowmen and sled dogs on the side.  The next day we may get yeti's and penguins. 

Is this going to be a problem?

How do we know what group we are in, until the event starts to supply us with the eggs?

If you are collecting eggs by doing Daily Quests, it is quite likely that you will get multiples of some eggs. That’s why we have multiple drop off spots for the same eggs.

As an Egg Collector you can drop eggs off to any or all players listed as Egg Drop Off Points. You have to get the eggs out of your inventory as quickly as possible, otherwise the game won’t give you more.

You will be limited to gifting only 5 per gifting window, so we are trying to make it as smooth as possible for everyone.

I’m so sorry if this is more confusing than ever. I promise it will become clearer when the event starts.

Msg 2937.4 deleted

I think message 4 is Spam.

Can you do your magic Faerie thing and make them disappear. 


From: Annemaree


I have a winter cat egg already if anyone wants it Please PM me

That’s fantastic.

So according to my first post the Winter Cat Egg falls into group 3.

Not all players may have had a chance to see the post yet, so they may not be displaying the eggs; or they may want to stick with regular gifting until the event starts.

If they have changed their lists, the players that should be displaying it are - Nell2 (Consortium),
        - Ree (Consortium),
        - Jackie and
        - GrannyBee

I will PM you with the last 2 IDs in a moment.

Great work! 


From: Annemaree


i had a sled dog but a friend was looking for 1 so i gifted it already.  I have had both eggs for 3 or 4 days already


From: GrannyBee


Just a name clarification, April - my name here on this forum is GrannyBee but I play as Ms. B. :)

Ok thank you, I will add your game name as well. Better to have too much than not enough : )