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PC Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started 12/13/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 34841 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: oiuoiu321


blush Thanks Debbie, I'm blushing!  I really did manage to play alot more this year.

I forgot in my post to thank the other Egg Collectors.  I think I forgot because I didn't have any direct contact with them.  But I knew they were out there helping out the Team so much.  I especially appreciate the effort put in by those for whom this was the first Winter Event, it's so much more work if you go into it with no Event Items.  And of course, some people have more of an Actual Life than me, and had so much less time to play, and still contibuted so much.

To everyone who helped out Team Egg Roll, on any platforrm, YOU ROCK!!!

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


I want to begin by THANKING EVERYONE who assisted with the Winter Event Egg Collection. 

Thank You to Debbie & April for organising Team Egg Roll and keeping the momentum going.

Thank you to all the players who collected eggs.  Whether it was many eggs or one, thank you for contributing to the success of this endeavour. 

Thank you to all the players who worked as egg drop off points.  By spreading the load, you enabled Team Egg Roll to continue smoothly. 

Thank you to the players who sent wands & decorations to the egg collectors.  You helped the egg collectors to do so much more!

Thank you to my fellow Consortium members.  The Winter Event is a lot of extra work but the results have proved it is worth it.

This is my report to 31st January 202.  I am still receiving eggs & the new Event items.  These extra items will be included in my next report. 

I will begin rotating the items on my wish list soon.  If anyone has an item they wish to send and I don't have it on my wish list, just let me know so I change my wish list.  

Firstly my Non- Consortium games - I gathered eggs & new Event items for the Consortium.  Eggs & new Event items slowly being taken off these games wish lists.

Kelli Jo


Reindeer 7       Mammoth 7       White Bear  28       Snowman  25      Penguin  5      Sled Dog  2      Winter Cat   7      Yeti  12        TOTAL 93 eggs.

I have gifted Consortium games - DotJ  21 eggs;   Ree  20 eggs, Nell 1 egg.

New Event Items:

SnowWhite Eggs  192        Red Yarn 95      TOTAL   287.

I have gifted Non-Consortium games 20 items.

The remainder will be gifted when I have finished sending all the eggs. 



Mammoth  64      Reindeer  46      Fire Rooster  47      Winter Cat  46      White Bear  6      Penguin  2      Sled Dog  1      TOTAL  222 eggs.

I have gifted Consortium games - DotJ  19 eggs:  Ree  19 eggs;  GMA  1 egg  Nell  3 eggs;  Nell2  3 eggs.

I have gifted Non-Consortium games - 4 eggs.

New Event Items:

SnowWhite Eggs  285      Red Yarn  159       TOTAL  444.

I have gifted Consortium games - Santa Fairy  5.

I have gifted Non-Consortium games  - 21.

It is going to take ages to gift the remainder so I may stop counting them.




Mammoth  72      Fire Rooster  104      Winter Cat  98       Sled Dog  87       Snowman  77       TOTAL 368  minus 55 313 eggs.

(Gifted from my other games & counted in their totals - Ree  15;  DJ1  19;  Kelli Jo  21        TOTAL  55  eggs.)

I gifted Consortium games - GMA 1 egg.

I gifted Non-Consortium games - 1 egg.

New Event Items:

SnowWhite eggs  148       Red Yarn  338       TOTAL  486.

I gifted Consortium games - Norry   9;      Santa Fairy  6.

I gifted Non-Consortium games - 12.



Winter Cat  11      Snowman  60      Sled Dog  43      Yeti  94      Reindeer  83      White Bear  83      Penguin  92      TOTAL  466 minus 39 = 427 eggs.

(Gifted from my other games & counted in their totals - DJ1  19;  Kelli Jo 20    Total 39 eggs ).

I have gifted  Consortium games  - DotJ  15;   DJ1 17;    Nell2  6;   Nell  3;  One Cent  4;  GMA  2    Total  47 eggs.

I gifted Consortium Helper games - Robert2   3;  katieK  1 eggs.

I gifted Non-Consortium game - 1 egg.

New Event Items:

SnowWhite eggs    57        Red Yarn   92     TOTAL  149. 

I have gifted Consortium games - Norry  5;  NuttyNana  5.

I have gifted Non-Consortium games  - 14 items.

PLEASE NOTE:  I discovered when the Event started that my Ree game could collect Winter Cat & Fire Rooster eggs from the DQS so there was a scramble to re-arrange the wish lists of DotJ & Ree games to accommodate this.  It is also why I gifted so many eggs to other Consortium games so I could keep getting the eggs on my Ree game.  Talk about a balancing act.   Hope it did not confuse too many players. 

GRAND TOTAL (over 4 games) :     Eggs   1055               New Event Items   1366.

Thank you everyone for the stupendous effort.   You are all stars!!!    star2 

Dot  sunglassesearth_asia

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Granny B, Nickie, Katiek, & Sandy, 

First, my sincerest apologies!! 

 I had written a message to all of you the other day, and now just reading through everything, noticed it had never posted!! I am so very sorry!! 
I am specifically grouping all of you together, because what I find so remarkable  and you have in common, is that this was the very first time each of you has  been a part of Team Egg Roll.  You entered into this, not knowing quite what to expect, yet without a moment’s hesitation, you raised your hand wave, stood up couplecouple , and said, “I want to be a part of the Team!!  Just let me know how I may be able to help!!” 

That unconditional type of support, to help your fellow players, Is so clearly reflected in your absolutely AMAZING, OUTSTANDING , and OVERWHELMING  number of Eggs that you collected....wands, ornaments, and decorations gifted, all on behalf of the Consortium...whose main goal and objective is to help and assist our fellow players in need!! 
You ASTOUND me!! And through your selfless gestures, aspires all of us to do more, to set our goals higher, to reach out towards others just a bit more then we currently do , because collectively the impact we make is just way past what we might ever imagine!! sparkles

I truly am personally grateful. I am thankful. I am appreciative. I am humbled. Though with my whole heart heart purple_heart, what all of you have done , is shown me, and been constant reminders , that in this world, earth_americas where there can be so much turmoil, and devastation, if you just reach out and ask, or perhaps look up, you are surrounded by so many stars starsstars!! People who are willing to stand up with you hand in hand to make the day a bit brighter for one another, while we are on this journey together, be it in life or in the game!! 

Thank you dearly for being new Shining Stars and Bright Lights of Team Egg Roll!! dizzydizzy boomboom
You have strongly influenced our success!! You have set a stellar example!! 

Debbie kissing_heart



From: GrannyBee


I thoroughly enjoyed it although it all seemed to lag a bit toward the end but that's likely just the nature of the beast. I'm now at Level 89 in the game and not anxious to progress too fast and end up having nothing new to look forward to so taking on this little "side gig" helped keep it all interesting.

Looking forward to helping the SE as well. :)


From: TinyFaerie


I am going to change my wish list today. I'm not getting eggs from others for the most part. If anyone still needs to drop off eggs let me know and I will put it up.

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From: PenWeb


GMA is now closed to collecting eggs as I have not received any for 2 days and it is a duplicate list of Nell. I apologize if any count disagrees with any of the collectors' list for me, I did my best to keep a good record, but mistakes happen. 

First half of event before change in list of eggs:

Total eggs collected =  201 :  Jolly Penguin = 79  Little White Bear = 75  Santa Reindeer = 47

Anglegirl = 2 JP  2 LWB   3 SR

Anne = 10 JP   6 LWB   7 SR

Cinderella = 5 LWB

Dusty = 7 JP   3 LWB  4 SR

Father Ted  =  5 JP  3 LWB  

Jackie = 1 JP  2 LWB  1 SR

Katiek = 8 JP  6 LWB  4 SR

Ms B = 1 JP  1 LWB

Nickie = 7 JP  6 LWB  10 SR

oiuoiu = 4 JP  3 LWB  6 SR

Sire Pete = 2 JP  5 LWB  2 SR

Robert =  2 JP  *22 LWB*  

Robert2 = *19 JP*  

Tap Dancer = 5 JP  7 LWB  7 SR

Other =  6 JP  4 LWB  -  from  non-collector friends and WOF

Second half of event:

Total eggs collected =  172 :   51 Baby Mammoth  65 Fire Rooster  56 Yeti

Anne =  1 BM  1 FR  1 Y

Cinderella =  2 Y

Dusty =  6 BM  5 FR  5 Y

Father Ted =  2 BM  2 Y

Jackie =  3 BM

Katiek =   4 BM  2 FR   *23 Y*

Ms B  =   1 Y

Nickie =  6 BM  6 FR  9 Y

oiuoiu =   7 BM  7 FR  6 Y

Sire Pete =  1 BM  1 FR  1 Y

Robert =  **30 FR**

Tap Dancer  =  11 BM  4 FR  6 Y

JM =   2 BM  2 FR

Sharp Eye =  1 BM  3 Y

Ree =   2 FR

Other =  7 BM  5 FR  3 Y

Thanks to everyone for your efforts.

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Penny and Dot, 

You two crushed  it on Team Egg Roll!! kissing_heart
Final numbers coming in are all so impressive!! 

Dot, you have not allowed anything to slow you down!! sunglasses earth_americas 
Penny...Such an absolutely, amazing,  and spectacular outcome as a new Consortium Member!! Such an incredible addition and asset you are!! gem gemgem gem

Team Egg Roll certainly set the bar higher this year thanks to all who joined us !! raised_hands raised_hands
We are grateful,  and appreciative of everyone’s generosity. 

Team Egg Roll Rocks !! dizzydizzytwo_hearts tada snowmansnowflakesparklestwo_hearts