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How to transfer game to new pc.   Technical Issues

Started 1/3/20 by SamDee632; 8714 views.
HMH (breezyhmh)

From: HMH (breezyhmh)


Cyberfox, any chance you might be able to get a little more specific with finding the AppData on Windows 10. I'm having one heck of a time doing that. I've been trying for hours! I've tried every permutation of the words/letters you listed, but none of them seem to work. Where did you type that information, how did you get there?

I may take the long route but this is how I get to mine......

I open my File Explorer Icon........and scroll down on the left side to This PC, I click on Windows-SSD (C:)

This brings up another screen........I then click on Users, then click on the user name for my computer,  and the next screen you should see App Data.

This might also be the long way, but this is how I do it on Windows 10:

Click Start button in lower left hand corner

Click 'This PC'

DoubleClick Windows (C) (Or whatever drive you're using)

DoubleClick Users

***at this point note there are tabs across the top that say "File", "Home", "Share", "View" - Click the "View" tab - on the right-hand side there are three choices with boxes next to them...the choices are "Item check boxes", "File name extensions", "Hidden item" - click the box next to "Hidden items" so a checkmark appears - Then click back on the "Home" Tab

DoubleClick the name of your computer

DoubleClick AppData

DoubleClick Roaming

DoubleClick Elephant Games

DoubleClick Midnight Castle

The three files you need to save are logfile, save and settings.json.  Please be very, very careful not to disturb those files, just copy them for safekeeping either on desktop or thumb drive

Then go back to the View Tab and unclick the Hidden Items box.

You're done.  Hope this helps.


From: Tickledtrout



When I bought a new computer and wanted to transfer my games I started a new game on the new computer  making a note of the new number. I then emailed Elephant games giving them the ID number of the game on my old computer and asked them to transfer the original game to the new one I had started on my new computer. Thy did that very quickly and all my many Midnight Castle were successfully transfered. It was so easy and I lost no progress.

Hope this helps.

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From: Tickledtrout



I forgot to say make a list of your friends before you do the above as friends are not included in the download.

I made that mistake with the first one.

HMH (breezyhmh)

From: HMH (breezyhmh)


Thank you everyone for all your tips, tricks and step-by-step instructions. I was able to get my game transferred today using a combination of everyone's instructions (From AEGram, to Dayani, to Whitebutterfly, to Tammy, to cyberfox, to everyone else!

I wasn't able to actually get to this until today due to work being crazy, so sorry about the delay getting back to everyone. But I truly do appreciate everyone's help :)

Happy to hear you got your game transferred, glad I was able to help with the process!!


From: mlacomb


finally got my game loaded on my spiffy new laptop thanks to this thread but it runs in slow motion.  Did I do something wrong? I went so far as to uninstall on the old computer in case that was somehow interfering