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Another recipe   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 5/3/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 40950 views.
PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Chip buttie:

Chips (English style, and NOT French fries or other abominations that "M" supply):

Maris Piper potatoes peeled and then cut into 9/16inch strips length ways.

Very hot fat (preferably beef dripping but lard will do, rather than the oils being sold here commercially)

Immerse until the outside of chip is crisp when pinched. (careful not to burn yourself)

Remove from  fat and drain.

Have your two white buttered sliced bread handy and place chips in the middle. Salt is optional as are sauces.

EAT! (I wont tell you how bad these are for your health! Or how delicious!)

Good God! Potatoes deep fried in animal fat, sandwiched between nutritionaly devoid slices of over-processed white bread slathered with more animal fat?

I'm just speechless.  

Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


Druid.....that's funny........I am not a big bread eater, but it would be interesting to have both the potatoes and the bacon!.....kissing_heart

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


This recipe is WONDERFUL for Mother's Day (or any day, really)

Baked Apple Roses

INGREDIENTS (makes 4): 1 Apple 1 Puff Pastry sheet 2 tbsp Lemon Juice 1/2 tsp Rosewater Apricot Jam 1 Egg (for egg wash)

I've made them many times ~ and substituted raspberry jam for the apricot jam.  Or maple syrup. Oh, and if you don't have rosewater, you can just add a few drops of real vanilla extract to 1/2 tsp water.

XXOO ~ Dhyani boom

In reply toRe: msg 1

Would anyone be interested in HEALTHY recipes? Because I have some.  

I would!  I'm making a lentil stew in my Instant Pot right now!

Oooo, yum! Do you use onions, carrots, celery, & thyme? That's how I make mine, sometimes potatoes, too. And I use homemade chicken stock. 

Yes!  All of the above except for onions - terribly allergic, but garlic works!  I also make one with coconut milk, red lentils, ginger, curry, tomatoes, garlic and red pepper flakes.  The Instant Pot has been a life changer for me!  tulip

OK, here's my homemade chicken stock:

Save all the bones & skin from a roasted chicken, or even just baked thighs or breasts. (You can even use a grocery-store rotisserie chicken) Put them in a 3 qt (or 3 liter) pot, cover with cold water by an inch, add a tsp sage leaves (or thyme or rosemary, or all 3), cover & simmer overnight.  

In the morning, let it cool & remove the bones & skin, putting any bits of meat back into the stock.  Refrigerate if you want to easily remove all the fat.  Or use as is.  

Just so simple & absolutely delicious.  Makes about 2 quarts.  

The curry sounds great - I'll have to try that if I can ever find red lentils here. 

What's an Instant Pot?