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Magic Miser Achievement    Achievements and Musings

Started Feb-3 by loopykaren; 867 views.

From: akge


I try to keep 30 of each seasonal item, 20 for my use if needed and 10 to gift. I also try to keep at least 50 of the wands, carrots, and ghost traps to have when the special events happen.  As far as the regular inventory goes, I like to have 40 of the items we always seem to be asked for. After that, maybe 10 of the other items. It really is what is most comfortable for you. Other players may have their own ideas. Hope this helps.

Keep storming the castle!


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From: loopykaren


Thanks Kae. Yes this helps. I really am a horder. I had a lot of seasonal items that were over 1000! So i have sharded some of them to. I need a miracle do to this. As im only at around the 18 thousand mark. Wish me luck - because im so gonne need it! 

Bluemoon (CHB1002)

From: Bluemoon (CHB1002)


As well as ice breaths, I mainly achieved Magic Miser by doing the jigsaw puzzles and asking for items needed to craft the free games like Thicket Keeper, Insomnia Horn, Ancestors Spirit, Bridget of Realms etc. when I crafted these I converted the prizes to shards. If I did enough jigsaw puzzles each day I could craft enough to get me between 200-350 shards a day. It didn’t cost me any money or diamonds this way. Good luck!


From: loopykaren


Thanks Blue. I didnt think of that one, with the puzzles. Even though i dont like doing them much

I will now  to get the shards.


From: AEGram


loopykaren said:

Hi just wondering if any one has any tips on how to get this Achievement, without using Ice breath. etc?. As im really trying to do this myself. With just my game play?

Long before the "ice breath swap" was mentioned, I secured the Magic Miser by playing, playing, playing during the events, and then disenchanting excess Event items. The Christmas cards (red, green, blue, yellow, violet) all will yield 3 shards each when disenchanted. (During the Winter event, you can rack up some serious cards by playing the DQs if you have excess inventory and will cost you 9 wands or 9 items -- worth 9 shards each DQ -- but you get back 3 cards, coins, pet medallion just for completing the quest....the reward chest frequently brings more cards)

Some Spring event items also yield high shard amounts....... Donkey tail = 3; Jester Cap =3; Donkey Mask =3; Springing A-Head = 3; Red, Blue, Golden, Green eggs = 3 each; Bow Tie = 3; Recipe Book = 3; Top Hat = 3; Rattle = 3

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From: loopykaren


Thank you our very well respected Queen of MC tips  on our game! who always has the great stats for this game. When i was stuck on for help i always looked for yours!

AEG im still helping friends and i think i always will. I think i know what you mean with this. But i still cant manage how to work it all out on how to manage all the tasks. As i still do the DC etc ... im basically saying i still do the lot. So i think i will have to do this hard way lol x

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From: LvlSlgr


AEGram said:

Long before the "ice breath swap" was mentioned, I secured the Magic Miser by playing, playing, playing during the events, and then disenchanting excess Event items.

I did the same. After my game was "hijacked" last year I lost that accomplishment. So now I'm working on it again ...  and still doing it the way AEGram described.


From: loopykaren


Its a pain aint it. I wasnt that bothered before i lost my game. As i was still really trying  to suss it all out then it  happened  to me. Now Im like nope. Dont be doing this to me again MC. 

 I put a lot of my sanity in this game along with good nutty friends who also play this ;-)

Now im going for the achievements on this. So please dont crash on me. cos if you do u will 

certainly be hearing from me MC!