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Magic Miser Achievement    Achievements and Musings

Started Feb-3 by loopykaren; 864 views.
In reply toRe: msg 6

From: LvlSlgr


AEGram said:

Long before the "ice breath swap" was mentioned, I secured the Magic Miser by playing, playing, playing during the events, and then disenchanting excess Event items.

I did the same. After my game was "hijacked" last year I lost that accomplishment. So now I'm working on it again ...  and still doing it the way AEGram described.


From: loopykaren


Its a pain aint it. I wasnt that bothered before i lost my game. As i was still really trying  to suss it all out then it  happened  to me. Now Im like nope. Dont be doing this to me again MC. 

 I put a lot of my sanity in this game along with good nutty friends who also play this ;-)

Now im going for the achievements on this. So please dont crash on me. cos if you do u will 

certainly be hearing from me MC!