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Outrageous airship requests ??   Howling with the Hostess

Started Feb-5 by darlodiggas; 1180 views.

From: loopykaren


Yep shes robbing me as well. I wont be playing any more till she calms herself down 

Im noticing shes doing it with me in small numbers. Then she ups her game. 

Well my game ups when she does this. I just go save & save some more. till she calms down, which i may add isnt for long! Really you need a shrink to play this game!!


From: darlodiggas


Hi Ada - I'm sure it is creeping over 5 years now !!! kissing_heart This game keeps me sane most of the time but at the moment am veering towards insane with all the crazy ZZ's and airship amounts !


From: darlodiggas


Ha ha !!  What's the name of your shrink (just in case I need one soon) !!!


From: loopykaren


My son a trained uni one. ( No none of you can have him ) As i will so need him. God really morping again 

Wish they would change the record! x


From: MrsFletcher


I am so Afraid about all of the Airship Items coming up that will be needed for this New Challenge...Because of all of my HOS disabilities...It's very, very difficult for me do more then 20 of the HOS twice a day...Sigh!....This is why I Bless and give Huge Thanks to all of My Gifting Friends, some of whom have been with me from the very Beginning in 2014....Not only do we have the reg. Airship Items to worry about but also what will be requested by  meeting and completing a 3 or five Quest later on.....YECKS!!!!!     Me on My....Will I have enough?

Gently Given Hugs to you all and "Please all of you stay Safe and WELL OK!!!

Linda/Mrs Fletcher