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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 687440 views.
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The Posting Toolbar



From top left to Bottom right:

Section 1 

- Cut, copy, paste, paste as plain text, paste from Word

Section 2

Find and replace all words in a post with others

Section 3

Create a link

How to create a link:

Highlight the text you want to USE as the link.  Click the little chain and a box appears:

Copy the link into the field and click OK.  USE is now a link.


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The Posting Toolbar - Continued

Section 4

  1. You can embed a video by clicking the film and music icon and copying in the link
  2. Insert a table
  3. Insert a horizontal line
  4. Insert an image from your computer or from the web
  5. Insert a link to a web article
  6. Quote a post 

    How to Quote a section of the post you are replying to.

    Highlight what you want to quote in the message you are replying to either BEFORE you click Reply or if after.... highlight the text then click on the Quotes in the toolbar.

  7. Insert an emoji

  8. Attach a file

You can embed as much as you like over all. I can post 100 pictures of cats either from my computer or that are hosted somewhere beside Delphi. Same for youtubes,  gifs, article embeds... all fine.

Some limits.

Characters... each post has a character limit of (mumbles cause I forget) I think 7,200 (ish) before it truncates. This refers to the source of your message. It includes ALL characters typed as well as spaces. The post has a maximum number of characters as well. At that limit of (I forget) X number of characters will prevent your message from posting. It's quite large though and that's not a typical problem. HOWEVER - composing in Word and pasting into a post can bring in a TON of formatting forcing the Character limit way over the top.

Attached Files. - there's no need to use Attach for images. You do not get a lot of attachment space as a basic member (512k ), a little more as an Extra(10MB) and a larger chunk as a Plus (100MB). However you can embed images directly from your computer or device until the cows come home and Delphi won't give one hoot. It WILL resize larger images though and it resizes basic members images to 400 x 300 pixels so attachments can be useful when you want to show detail or when you want to post a file that in not an image one.

Files - Extra and Plus members get File space on Delphi. You can upload files via your profile and use them anywhere on the web. Extra members get 50MB and Plus get 100MB This storage includes your signature images.

Section 5

Bold, Italic, remove all formatting. The Tx will remove all altered formatting to text.

Section 6

Numbers and bullets, Indentation, text alignment

Section 7

The drop box has a lot of options for emphasising, or corekting - I mean correcting or just throwing in some highlights

Section 8

Go Nutsor... Go Nuts!

Section 9

The Source is a more advanced form of copying a post, and the maximise button increases your posting box to full screen.



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From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Finding your own posts

When you are searching for your own posts use the ME in the From drop down (or in the TO one if you are looking for posts TO you)

When searching for posts made by or made TO others look for their name on the appropriate dropdown, if it does not appear you can type in on the field adjacent to it. You need their screen/member name not their nickname. So your would be stillDruid not Desertdruid.

Delphi might not update fast enough if you are trying to find a post you made a few minutes ago - you can use the list of discussions filter on the left to show all posts made today. If there are a lot that can take a bit of fishing, but over all it should be OK.


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From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Technical Support links


Many MC players can help you with basic issues, so feel free to ask.

Hohwever, if you need more technical support, please contact:

  • Big Fish Technical support Here or Here
  • Or the Midnight Castle Facebook page Here
  • For advanced support, Elephant Games (developer) -- send an email to this address:


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From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Rules and Regulations

You are free to post about anything you wish (within reason), whether it is related to Midnight Castle or not.  You can even talk about other games and other game sites!

However, if you are heavily interested in politics and debate, try the sister forum;

Coalition of the Confused  (Yes, that is a shameless plug and I make no apologies).  There you will find plenty of world news, political and philosophical debate and epic fail YouTube videos.

The rules are few and simple

  • No SPAM.  Any SPAM will be deleted and the perpetrator locked out of the forum.
  • Try to find an existing thread on a topic before creating a new discussion
  • Don't be horrible to people
  • Don't post another player's game ID on the forum without their consent

Other than that, the atmosphere here is really relaxed.  You will not be censored or banned for having an opinion or going off topic.

Welcome to the Brave New World!

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From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Kick back and relax, stress free zone


Whether it's sharing recipes, talking about movies or showing off your pet pictures

there is plenty of non-game related things to do.

You can join in or start a game in the Fun and Games area

There is a social Seniors thread

Meet the Furry Family - post your "fav" pictures of your furry family

Or just relax with a good story in Oh the Absurdity 

Such as...

Midnight News-Call to Arms-Surviving Chaos (Archive) 

Pets Gone Wild (possible spoilers in tales) 

Ready for the Special Room 

Ready for the Special Room - Origins  (In Progress)

The Girl who Grew up in a Midnight Castle

Midnight Castle, The Hidden Mysteries

Ferrous Moon

Where to Dine or Die at the Castle

Anabel and the Knight


Achievements - bragging and congratulating

Messages from the Heart - lending a shoulder

And you NEVER have to ask permission to post a joke!

In fact, it's expected upon arrival.

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Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


Your friendly Neighbourhood Staff

Whether this is your first foray into the world of the Forum or you're an accomplished veteran, there will come a time when you have a question.  Don't hesitate to ask, comment or make suggestions. Your staff, listed below, are friendly, a little off-beat, and waiting to help.  To PM a staff member just click on a name.

Jenifer - Hostess with the Mostess, demolitions enthusiast, lunatic

TinyFaerie - Chief Hand-Holder

Rae - "Chili" - Head of Moving and Shaking

PTG - "Chief Sweeper-Upper and Castle Inventory Keeper"

Cindy Decorations and FABULOUSNESS!

HeatherSassyBee  - Flitterer, flutterer and pointerer

katiek - Bumper and Grinder

VAbreeze (Kat) - Collator and Combiner

Debbie - Consortium Coordinator

Our Delphi Liaison is Kidmagnet.  She is here to answer any questions about Delphi.

You can also contact Delphi Member Services Forum Here.

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From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


And Finally...

If you have any questions, then head over to the Hostess With The Mostess Folder and post them in here.

We are not the only BFG refugees here.  If you want to see if any other game forums are here, then head to Find Forums and just start searching.  You never know what you might find!

We have a chat room that is free for anyone to use, and there is always a list of active chats posted on Delphi here.

We hope you enjoy your time here as much as we enjoy hosting you!



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