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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 666427 views.
PattiS16 said:

I'm about to hit level 69

I can't answer all your questions Patti, but take a look at this link, as you're about to go into level 69: 

As for selling things from the Spring Event, I sold off hundreds of stuff so I could have coinage to get to the next level, but I kept 30 of everything to gift.

Some players like to accumulate and never sell - it's just a choice really.


From: chilpep


Hi Patti

   Welcome to the forum.  I'd like to add you to our Master Name Lists.  What type of machine do you play on (PC, Android, IOS)?  If you had a BFG Forum name what was it?  What is your game name? 


From: AEGram


PattiS16 said:

Wondering how the points scoring works when you complete an HOS.  I may work a scene and rack up 275000 and an hour later I get only 150000.  Is there a reason for that inconsistency? Wondering if some avatars are better at winning the dice game. Once you have the steering wheel achievement,  what good are steering wheels? Can I reasonably sell all the items from the spring event, or should I wait?  I'm about to hit level 69 and I feel like I may need some of those things. Will there be a summer event?  Now that I've found the forum and seen some tips and tricks I'd like to use them!

Scoring -- the scoring of the HOS is all based on rhythm .... You want to collect all of the items before the slider in the top left goes down to zero..... and it slides faster the closer you get to those final items.

Some avatars better at winning dice ..... Nope .... It is all random and you will win approximately 43% of the time.

Steering Wheels ...... Trina and the Daily Quests will ask for x number of Steering Wheels .... when you have maxed out in the game and have only achievements for which to work, you will discover that you NEVER can have enough of the airship inventory, so you can send the airship for Trina and DQs.

Selling all items from an Event ...... In the past, these have "continued" .... in that, when the ghosts were introduced for Fall, so were Ghost Traps ..... and Ghost Traps were needed/used in the next Event. So I would keep at least 200 of the Ghost Trap, Carrot, and Holiday Wand to get me started on next event's collection. ...... I would also keep a generous amount of the items you can trade with the kiddos -- there will be CCs in which trading will be a requirement, and some of the DQs ask for those items AND those items are needed to craft the Spring Cake and Wreath of Spring (there is an achievement for both) ...... The items used for pet parts (as an example, Pocket Watch used for the White Rabbit in the recent Spring Event) ...... sometimes those are asked for in future events for additional pets ...... I would keep about 60 of each of them. 

Will there be a Summer Event ....... we have not had one in the past. The answer to that question is the same as the answer to "When will be the next update?" .... only the Devs know the answer.

Regarding Level 69 ..... as FluffyBee has mentioned ...... the narrative in the MC Game Guide just as the Character Quests for Level 69 commence is a MUST READ....... it explains all about the Side Quests, the Destiny Keys, and the Exclusive Pets. 


From: PattiS16


This is great.  Thank you so much!


From: Jaclyn01234


I'm sorry I'm not sure if I am doing this right but I have a question about the game. What are ghosts and where am I suppose to find them? Thank you.

Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


That's okay.

The ghosts are seasonal event creatures (the Halloween/Autumn event).

They float past the screen and you capture them with a ghost trap.

Come late September I suggest you search for the ghost trap and put it on your wishlist until you have about 10 of them - that will give you a good head start.


From: BJApple


Ghosts are in play during the fall event.  Ghost traps are  needed to capture unique ghosts.  Each season there is a set of items to find.  For example, yellow ghosts, azure ghosts, violet ghosts.  There are 9 of each and achievements to earn.  Hope this helps.


From: Jaclyn01234


Thank you, that clears things up somewhat. I was just noticing the book of ghosts in the pets' rooms and was curious as to where I was suppose to get them. With the easter or spring event the chicks, bunnies, lords, ladies, monsters, and mice the same book for ghosts was there and the place for those was somewhere else. Ok thank you all for your help.


From: McD64


Just wondering if the BFGers are going to tell us what to do with all those chicks, bunnies, lords and ladies (oh my!!)