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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 397316 views.

Yep, the bat has, to me, double eyebrows.  Whitebutterfly is the queen of getting the pictures, never figured out how to do it myself.


From: dollymix16


The bats appear to have a pinkish outline about their heads

Okay, here is the black cat (on the left) and the night bat.  


Hope this helps!

Pammy (Eaglebeak904)

From: Pammy (Eaglebeak904)


Okay now I’M confused.  The pics from Jennifer are the ones I have on my game but I never saw the second one white butterfly posted. Maybe it’s on a PC or Android? To me it sorta looks like a fancier cat?  The first two posted looks like the ones I got on IPAD. Mystery


Have fun stormer the Castle,


I originally posted the pics of the Black Cat and Autumn Owl as they're flying through the game.  There seemed to be a question about what the Night Bats looked like, so then I posted the pics of the Black Cat and Night Bat.  (Originally, I had the pics side-by-side, that's why it says the Black Cat is on the top, but the pics posted one on top of the other). 

So in my post, the top pic is of the Black Cat and the bottom pic is the Night Bat.  They look so similar when they're flying across the screen, that it can be confusing which is which.  The Night Bats that appear in your album don't look anything like the Night Bat ghost that flies across your screen.  I guess I should have labelled the pics Black Cat ghosts and Night Bat ghosts.  That would have been more accurate.  Once we catch them, they turn into the pics that appear in the album.  The Night Bat was introduced last year and you needed to collect 9 unique Night Bats for the Sonar Seeker Achievement.  Hope this helps.

I also think the Sly Squirrels and Halloween Pups can be difficult to tell apart.


From: GaviTn


thank you very much

Pammy (Eaglebeak904)

From: Pammy (Eaglebeak904)


Thanks for the input, but I am probably being stupid because I still don’t understand what you are saying.  In my game the owls we need to catch, WHEN THEY ARE FLYING AROUND THE ROOMS, are the pic of the 1st post you made second pic.  The one with the weird face and “eyebrows” right?  This is what age does to ya, sorry. Hope your day is full of happiness.



Pammy (Eaglebeak904)

From: Pammy (Eaglebeak904)


WOW do I ever feel stupid.  What I see and what comes out of my fingertips are sometimes not the same.  FOG HAS LIFTED, WE HAVE TAKE OFF.  in the 1st post the second pic is owl NOT bat....... that is what my brain wasn’t comprehending correctly.  You are right the cat and bat do look ALOT alike.  And yes the pups and squirrels are hard to differentiate from.

So thankful for clear skies.  Please feel free to forget that last post of mine. 
HFStC, Pammy

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Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


A little poem for the Season

T’was weeks before Christmas,

And all through the town,

People wore masks,

That covered their frown.

The frown had begun

Way back in the Spring,

When a global pandemic

Changed everything.

They called it corona,

But unlike the beer,

It didn’t bring good times,

It didn’t bring cheer.

Contagious and deadly,

This virus spread fast,

Like a wildfire that starts

When fueled by gas.

Airplanes were grounded,

Travel was banned.

Borders were closed

Across air, sea and land.

As the world entered lockdown

To flatten the curve,

The economy halted,

And folks lost their nerve.

From March to July

We rode the first wave,

People stayed home,

They tried to behave.

When summer emerged

The lockdown was lifted.

But away from caution,

Many folks drifted.

Now it’s December

And cases are spiking,

Wave two has arrived,

Much to our disliking.

Frontline workers,

Doctors and nurses,

Try to save people,

From riding in hearses.

This virus is awful,

This COVID-19.

There isn’t a cure.

There is no vaccine.

It’s true that this year

Has had sadness a plenty,

We’ll never forget

The year 2020.

And just ‘round the corner -

The holiday season,

But why be merry?

Is there even one reason?

To decorate the house

And put up the tree,

When no one will see it,

No-one but me.

But outside my window

The snow gently falls,

And I think to myself,

Let’s deck the halls!

So, I gather the ribbon,

The garland and bows,

As I play those old carols,

My happiness grows.

Christmas ain’t cancelled

And neither is hope.

If we lean on each other,

I know we can cope