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Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE!   Welcome!

Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 423399 views.

From: Azurina


thank you both very much and have picked up some more friends from the PC friends post, so doing pretty well for the coming event....not 100's but dozens....hahaha....prob plenty for me as a beginner!

i will send you an invite when i log into the game.

i appreciate all the advice i am getting and hope the more experienced players who have some gifts listed that i either don't have or have few of understand i can't reciprocate the gifting atm. I try to return gifts as i get them and am starting a list too! Won't be long before i will be an 'old' or 'not so old' hand at it :)

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From: Azurina


Q - how do we get the amulets? i know we need the purple power pellets to activate an amulet and we get those from HOS, but i only have one amulet and don't want to use it unless i can get a spare. thanks

They come from the HOS, I believe you can only get 20 a day.


From: Azurina


they seem to be very light on then as i have been doing lots of HOS each day, yet only have one amulet and plenty of purple power discs. :(


Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Here is more information about the Amulets from the MC Game Guide...

AEGram writes....

“Amulets – The Amulet was introduced in November 2016, and is available to players when they reach Level 9. At the outset, you receive the No Cooldown Amulet and 120 Energy Units. It requires 100 energy units to activate this amulet. It remains activated for 60 minutes. During this time, you can enter any and all HOSs immediately and repeatedly. 

You can receive a maximum of 20 Energy Units per 24-hour day. You receive the Energy Units randomly when completing an HOS. (However during the Fall event, you can also get an one for each ghost you trap—up to the daily maximum. During the Winter event, you can get one with each snow globe you crack—also, up to the daily maximum. During the Spring event, you can get one for each Enchanted Egg you capture—also, up to the daily maximum.) 

The No Cooldown Amulet can be particularly helpful for players leveling up because they don’t need to wait for the room to recharge before being able to get back in. It can also be helpful for players who have reached the maximum level in the game during regular play when the Gnome quests are active. Some of the Gnome quests require you to enter the same room 3x for one part of the 3-, 5-, or 10-part quest. 

The one disadvantage I see with the Amulet is that while you can cover some quests within the hour of activation that would normally take 6 hours to also are deprived of earning the coins that could result from those 6 trips around the Castle. 

Once you have activated the No Cooldown Amulet 3x, you get the Quick Cooldown Amulet. This one requires 47 Energy Units to activate it. It cuts the recharge time in half for all HOSs, and it also remains activated for 60 minutes.”

I hope this helps.

Debbie ~ Consortium Leader two_hearts

You use those energy discs to power the amulet, when you do the HOSs will be available for 60 minutes without the need for a cooldown. 


From: Azurina


thank you both, it is much clearer now, though i still don't know how to get more of the amulets.

i have used one early on and another appeared soon after, but i can't recall how i got it. I have been saving it.

will i get another from somewhere if i use it or should i continue to wait?


From: Mara1022


Hi!  I read your inquiries about the amulets and I thought I'd clarify something that may or may not be clear.  Now, I'm a fairly new player myself so I expect (and welcome) any corrections to what I'm about to share about amulets, which is based on my own usage.  Oh, and I won't include "how" to use them - that's been covered.

Clarity - You get one Gold and one Blue amulet.  You use the Energy Units (the puffy pinks) to put one of the amulets to use, which is good for 60 minutes.  When that time is up - your amulet remains in your inventory.  You only "use up" the Energy Units and then earn more as you play the HOS's, but the 2 amulets stay in your inventory to use over and over again.

Now if that made sense to you then I'm glad I stuck my 2 cents in.  If it was confusing or useless information then I apologize and will go back to storming the Castle.  (hehehe)


From: LvlSlgr


Once you have an amulet it is yours. You don't lose the amulet by activating it with the energy units. It will remain in your inventory and you can activate it as often as you want if you have the energy units to do so.

From AEGram - "Once you have activated the No Cooldown Amulet 3x, you get the Quick Cooldown Amulet. This one requires 47 Energy Units to activate it. It cuts the recharge time in half for all HOSs, and it also remains activated for 60 minutes.”

Myself, I tried this one but didn't find it very useful.

There is an amulet for the "ghost cooldown period" and another one for the "morphing objects cooldown period". We had to buy those and they were only offered one time - very expensive - and they haven't been offered since that one time. I didn't buy them at the time because in my opinion the waiting period for those things aren't long and I can wait it out. But others have posted in here that they find them useful. It's just a matter of opinion which is probably based on how much time you have to play the game.

I hope this answers your question.


From: oiuoiu321


A couple of the amulets were available for purchase (in game, not with real money) a couple of times, but haven't been in a long time now.

I think I remember that one is earned as an achievement.  I forget which one.   There should be a list of the achievements around here somewhere.