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Consortium Directory ~Seek Help/Donate    The Consortium

Started 2/14/20 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 100465 views.
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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Janet & all Consortium members and friends,  wave 

An update on my android game Dot2.  I am no longer able to access my friends rooms - the game freezes whenever I try (even when there is no Event running).  The only way out of the freezing is a manual shut down of my tablet and I lose all progress & inventory that I did/got while playing.  It has been an issue since last Fall but has got progressively worse with each Event till now, if I (even accidentally) click on John or one of my friends rooms, the game freezes.  This makes it extremely difficult to gather any new Event items so this game is now extremely limited (some past Event inventory still on my game)  in helping with the Consortium.  I will help where I can but apologies for no longer being able to help fully with the Consortium.

I have discovered that friends can still access & use the HOS in my room so it will be switched to whichever room is appropriate when the Event starts. 

Take care and stay safe in these trying times.

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia 

Hi Janet thank you but Dot has sent me a list. Don't know why but I don't get notification of messages posted on Delphi. I hope you get your games sorted.


From: katiek2


Hi Dot and Janet,

I lost my game, however BF has replaced many items, including hundreds of every egg currently in our inventories pre-glitch.  I'm not opening my game until we've been notified that whatever caused us to lose our games has been fixed.  I'll be happy to send you or anyone else any egg you need as soon as we can start playing again.


edited to add:  I am on PC only.

CC to kthreads
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Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



Thank you so very much for your kind and generous offer.
I am so happy and relieved they were able to help you restore your game. relaxedsweat_smile

When we know the issues have been resolved and it is safe to open and play our games again, the Consortium, specifically the PC Team Members, would most welcome any donations. As some of our very dedicated Members have been affected by these game losses. 

Thank you so very much for thinking of us…especially during this very trying time! 

Debbie ~ two_hearts Consortium Leader 


From: kthreads


Hi Katiek2 and all MC players

Please do not delete Janet / Isadora on PC platform  or jdmrgn*consort / jd2*consort / Janni on Android platforms!

Please please keep me as friends as I don't really have that many that are playing and being a Consortium member, I really need to keep the friends I have. 

I still have no PC games. When I opened either Janet or Isadora games, it  gets to MC game opening page, like I have a game... then at 97% just shuts down. Totally...not even to BF "closing/current ad/ do you want to play again" pop-up like normal...just totally closes up, screen just goes back to my PC desktop page like I never even tried to open the game. I was told in PMs by a couple friends that they can see my games and have me listed still as a friend..... I sure wish I could see my games sob

I am afraid to open my Android games Kindle/Pixel 2X and Chromebook. The last time I opened my Chromebook game, I had no friends. I closed the game immediately came into the forum, saw others with issues and have not opened it since.

I have an update in my Google Play page, but am afraid to download it as it's dated only a couple days after the first bad update everyone downloaded and lost everything.

I keep hoping to read that other PC players are up and running with a "new fix update" .
Being a consortium member I really can't afford to lose my games.

Edited:  I now have access to all my Android games. I lost a lot of friends due to not being able to play since the bad update. I can now gift every day under my Android games. jdmrgn*consort / jd2*consort  / janni


PC: Janet / Isadora

Android:  jdmrgn*consort / jd2*consort  / janni

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From: katiek2


I lost my game completely, BF did reconstruct it up to level 108 fairly well, but there is a lot I have to re do.  They did load in quite a lot of inventory which will help, including lots of eggs.  

I am not playing my game again until everyone on the forum gets a "good to go" email from BF.  The person that reconstructed my game said it should be good to go, but I don't trust it.  So, my advice would be don't play it for the time being.  I will gift you whatever you need for the Consortium, but that is all I am doing.

Hang in there,

katiek2 /kathy


From: katiek2


Tannie - send me a friend request.  I'm not actually playing my game but I do have pet eggs and will try to get them to you.


Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I have three android games and had no problems from the updates,  My two Pc games are another story Robert Crashed to level one. Robert2 is still intact but I have been very carefull.  Android saves differently than PC


From: marbur220


Hi, Consortium friends!

I sent this information to Miss Tracy and then stumbled on this site so I will also post it here…let me know if this is not an appropriate place and should be elsewhere…
Here’s a list of available eggs:
6 Parrot and Hedgehog
5 Snow Griffin
4 Odd and Manticore
3 Owl
2 Seal, Lemur, Snail and Tiger
1 Pegasus, Hippo, Emerald Dragon, Pink Piggy and Flap-eared Puppy

I also have 4 Gold Bearing Turtle, 3 Phoenix and 2 Squirrel - which I will give up as long as they aren’t being shredded. I know you can’t guarantee the non-shred but you probably have a better feel for the masses than I do.

In addition, I have at least 50 of every event item…100’s in some cases…except for the Yeti egg…only have 1 of those as well as 1000’s of each stamp.

I play on an iPad and I know I can’t gift across platforms. Miss Tracy and Debbie are my only consortium friends that have Consortium by their name…I think Catheryne might be too but I’m not positive. If there is anyone else who should be added, please let me know. After playing for 7 years, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. I’m not a shredder so things do tend to pile up.

Let me know if I can help (or if you have people who need stuff that are in my list of 183 and I’ll donate directly.)


I assist the consortium ,will ask them , If they would like me to aid in collecting items from your game.

Thank you! blush

sooo….iOS consortium….been collecting ghost traps, and earlier raven eggs. Would you like me to collect something else?

games are so crazy right. Not playing new HOS , until software update.