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Consortium Directory ~Seek Help/Donate    The Consortium

Started 2/14/20 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 100618 views.

From: katiek2


Tannie - send me a friend request.  I'm not actually playing my game but I do have pet eggs and will try to get them to you.


Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I have three android games and had no problems from the updates,  My two Pc games are another story Robert Crashed to level one. Robert2 is still intact but I have been very carefull.  Android saves differently than PC


From: marbur220


Hi, Consortium friends!

I sent this information to Miss Tracy and then stumbled on this site so I will also post it here…let me know if this is not an appropriate place and should be elsewhere…
Here’s a list of available eggs:
6 Parrot and Hedgehog
5 Snow Griffin
4 Odd and Manticore
3 Owl
2 Seal, Lemur, Snail and Tiger
1 Pegasus, Hippo, Emerald Dragon, Pink Piggy and Flap-eared Puppy

I also have 4 Gold Bearing Turtle, 3 Phoenix and 2 Squirrel - which I will give up as long as they aren’t being shredded. I know you can’t guarantee the non-shred but you probably have a better feel for the masses than I do.

In addition, I have at least 50 of every event item…100’s in some cases…except for the Yeti egg…only have 1 of those as well as 1000’s of each stamp.

I play on an iPad and I know I can’t gift across platforms. Miss Tracy and Debbie are my only consortium friends that have Consortium by their name…I think Catheryne might be too but I’m not positive. If there is anyone else who should be added, please let me know. After playing for 7 years, I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. I’m not a shredder so things do tend to pile up.

Let me know if I can help (or if you have people who need stuff that are in my list of 183 and I’ll donate directly.)


I assist the consortium ,will ask them , If they would like me to aid in collecting items from your game.

Thank you! blush

sooo….iOS consortium….been collecting ghost traps, and earlier raven eggs. Would you like me to collect something else?

games are so crazy right. Not playing new HOS , until software update.

Hi Marianne, yes - I'm part of the Consortium and we are already friends on iPad.  I'd say, keep your high-value eggs but I will update my list soon to include ghost traps.  Everyone always needs those during the event and I never have more than a few.  I use them up or give them away.

I've got ZZ items on my list now as I'm racing to catch up on the current Challenge, but will update my list soon.

Thanks for the offer of help!


Hi Marianne:blush

sent a message with my friends code. I help the consortium. collecting ghost traps and airships at the moment  ,as many players want these items . 
not playing much of the game, until update completed.smirk_cat

thank you for your gifts to the consortium!bouquet


From: marbur220


I’ve composed 2 PM’s to you but when I hit ‘send’ , both disappeared. Anyway, I sent invites to the two id’s you provided.
Have a wonderful weekend…peace, love and joy from the sunny beach!

Hi Marianne:

Delphi sent a message , that I had to confirm the email I used to signup for this forum. I did confirm it, as they notify member when someone sends a message to them??

I will try to add you on my friends list in Delphi forum. I am not tech savvy. scream_cat

I did receive and accepted your invitesblush

pS it worked! Don’t know if it helps with further communications …thanks for your patience! 
hope we can ALL enjoy the fall,eventleavesfallen_leafmaple_leaf

Msg 3132.221 deleted

From: kthreads


Hi Dot and all consortium members and friends

I still have no access to my PC games Janet and Isadora. I am gifting on my Android games, although I am not playing the storyline as I don't trust the game not to set me back to level 1. 

I can help those in need with Android games.