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Consortium Directory ~Seek Help/Donate    The Consortium

Started 2/14/20 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 68748 views.
Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Hi Honey!!

You are posting in exactly the right spot for help!!  wink
To craft the Baby Girl rabbitand Spring Cat cat2 you need the following components:

Baby Girl:  10 Smiles / 10 Red Eggs / 10 Rattles / 10 Chocolates / 2,000 coins

Spring Cat:  5 Jester Caps / 40 Pocket Watches / 5 Green Eggs / 5 Golden Eggs / 10 Unique Stamps

Please send invitations to your game to the PC Consortium Member Team, they are as follows....

Nell ....
One Cent ...
GMA ...

I will also contact each of our PC Members with your game information!! 
All you need to do is post on your Wishlist the components that you need help with for the pets, and the Consortium Members will be more then happy to gift them to you so you will be able to craft Baby Girl and Spring Cat!!

I also sent you a PM, because you said you had difficulty sending one to me. That way you can simply reply to mine, and we should be all set!! 

Please let me know, if I may be of any further help or assistance to you in any way!! relaxed 


Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Honeyphan smiley

My name is Dot and I am a member of the Consortium.  I will speak for myself with regards to gifting back.  Other players may be different.  I would appreciate a gift back - not one for one but one at least every week.  This lets me know that you are still playing and needing the items on your wish list.  There have been cases in the past where a player has not been able access their game and we kept gifting.  In the end that inventory was lost.  So a return gift once a week (or more often if you wish) shows all is well with your game.  I hope you understand.  A regular item gifted is fine.  I keep Event items on my wish list for those wonderful friends who are sending me their extra Event items.  These items I then send on to players who ask for them - like yourself.

I have received your invites and I have placed you on my gifting list starting today.  At this point it will be every second day gifting on both of my games. 

To answer your other question re gifting.  There are several types of friends.

(1) Your regular friends that you gift on a regular basis.

(2) Those players who may be your friend but have no wish list up.  It may be because they are away or maybe because they have no need of any items or maybe they are catching up with their gifting.

(3) Consortium members  who gift you the Event items you request.  We also like to become your friends.

(4) Event Only Friends.  These players do not want to exchange gifts.  They are the players who would like access to the HOS in the private rooms.  They are not to be confused with Consortium members.

It is very easy to get confused but I hope this helps.  I have a combination of all 4 types of friends on my games. 

Welcome to the Consortium thread and soon you will have your Baby Girl Bunny & Spring Cat.  Just remember separately we can only send you one gift a day but with several of us helping you will get there sooner. 

Have fun in the castle.

Dot.  sunglassesearth_asia


From: Honeyphan


Thank you so much, Dot! :)

I will put you on the list for at least once week then - as I have a couple of others who say it's not necessary to gift them (i just don't feel right always taking and not giving back)- but anyway, I wish, how I wish, that the game let us gift all our friends every day! lol My list has gotten so long that I have written all names/IDs down in a notebook with a "sent" and "received" column and I noticed some are sending me something every day (the 95ers, 96ers, and 97ers especially), but I'm not able to reciprocate (and hate that) except to gift them every other day or third day because we are so limited in the amount of friends to gift - at least it is 15 a day and not less. There is that. :)

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From: Honeyphan


Am a little more than halfway there with my red eggs! :D - you guys are awesome -

And now another question (lol) - If I should by some chance win an egg I don't need at that tricky girl's puzzle game of guess which hand, or on the fortune wheel or something -  (or if I have holiday items that are no longer needed) - do I just gift the consortium members in my friends area if I see that item on their wish list - (to give back to the consortium) - or am I supposed to post my intent here first, and then give it to a specific member? I don't have anything yet - (though hope to) - this is just for future reference. :)

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



If you ever find yourself in the position of having anything that you would like to donate to the Consortium, you may PM me and let me know or post here to me and I will help facilitate the donation. 

Also, if any of the Consortium Members that are now on your Friend’s List have items on their Wishlists and you have extra of what is posted of Seasonal Items, by gifting them,  that is another way to get items to the Consortium!! 

Thank you so much for planning ahead!! wink
I am so happy to hear that your pets are coming along so nicely!! 



From: Honeyphan


I got all my red eggs! Thank you guys so much! :)

Am putting the next 2 items on the list for the baby girl -  a rattle and chocolate

Oh- and would you believe it?! - Shortly after I posted about if I win an egg I don't need I'd like to donate- I won an egg! lol It's a pet egg, but the consortium is welcome to it, if you want it, as I don't think I'll ever be crafting this pet. (I'm finicky on my choices. ;-)) It's an owl egg. So let me know how to get it to you. :)

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Honey, happy to hear all is going well with the items for your pets. 

I already have an Owl egg on my wish list for my Ree game - if you would like to send it on. 

Have fun in the castle.

Dot  sunglasses  earth_asia


From: Honeyphan


The Owl Egg is flying on its way to you! :)

Got me my cute li'l bunny! :D Thank you, everyone! <3

Now on to my Spring Cat - with the first two items for it  on my wishlist...  :)


From: Honeyphan


I have my green eggs! :D -... No ham though - (sorry, that was bad. lol)

Now have added golden eggs to my wish list (any geese flying around?  ;-)  - as in the goose that laid the golden egg...)

And now we conclude Honey's nursery rhymes and bedtime stories for the evening...

(Yes, I tend to get silly late at night.)

Thank you all!

  • Edited March 9, 2020 2:07 am  by  Honeyphan