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Cannot unlock Viking Boat in Level 95   Technical Issues

Started Feb-16 by Jules (Jues1102); 963 views.
Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Hi all, hope someone can help.

Has this happened to anyone yet? Just got to the beginning of level 95 on RHTC pc game where Shadow goes to sunken chest, opens Memory Stone and Viking Canvas for Viking Boat. Game did not send me to Memory stone but I opened Valley of Fallen Giants and opened it anyway. Viking boat is still locked and I cannot request it or craft this item.

I thought maybe it was the game itself so I followed Dhyani's instructions and moved game to another laptop. Opens fine, everything is there but still cannot proceed in the game.

Should I just contact BFG? Thanks in advance. FYI I'm in NY, EST.


From: AEGram


Valley of Fallen Giants was opened toward the end of Level 94:

Storyteller Cat - Shadow (10 tasks) & Visit Stained Glass Shards
Shadow - Explore Viking Cart & Unlock: Valley of Fallen Giants (Level 93; 15,000) to Open: Plate Helmet (6000)
Shadow - Visit Hanging Skulls & Run to Sack
Shadow - Visit Black Widow & Go to Executioner's Personal Chair
Shadow - Go to Stacked Books & Craft True Valkyrie's Diadem (5300)
Shadow - Open: Eagle's Aerie (7000) & Examine Hangman's Pit
Shadow - Look in Magic World Map & Hurry to Crystal Coffin
Shadow - Visit Aquarium & Go to Peacocks
Shadow - Open: Frosty Chest (9000) & Check Skeleton in Hanging Gardens
Level 94 ends here

So, you should already have opened Valley of Fallen Giants long before you were requested by Shadow to go to Sunken Chest & Open: Memory Stone (8500) for Viking Canvas to craft Viking Boat (5700) at the beginning of Level 95.

IF you didn't get sent to the Memory Stone....look through the above character quests to verify you're not missing anything. 

The game can be very finicky if you don't open things as the characters send you to places. In the lower levels, it doesn't matter if you open the first character in the Pinfeathers set of quests...go as far as you can...then open the next character to see if you can do some additional quests. However, the game has been known to actually lock up in the higher levels if you try to do that. 

When I went through the beginning of the game, that's how I advanced faster....I kept several character's quests open, which resulted in me reaching the next level at different points than the places listed in Strategy Guide originally created by Lady Sabelle. I've been recording the character quests since (I believe) somewhere in the 60's....then, I went through the entire game and updated all the previous quests for the New MC Game Guide. 

As a result, I've been going through all of the quests by the first character followed by each character in order (that means opening the Area, HOS, ZZ at the time the character sends you to that place) within the Pinfeathers set. I've never had my game lock up or not been sent to where I'm supposed to be going. 

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Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Thanks for responding, unfortunately for me I did jump ahead. In level 94 Pinfeathers has Anabel with 10 tasks and Storyteller Cat with 10 tasks. I did some of Anabels and then went to the cat which opened up Shadow. Anabel tasks are done but I am still stuck.

I have an older backup of my game from the 12th but not sure if I should go back or even if I can go back to start the level over again, would Dhyani know?

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Hmmmm . . .

I see TWO options:

1.  Contact BFCS and wait for them to tweak your game so you're not stuck.

2.  BUT . . . if you want to try using your backup from the 12th, sure, why not??

FIRST I would make a CURRENT Backup (and date it today or whenever you actually make it) so you can restore it to it's current state, so you haven't lost your progress since the 12th and hopefully BFCS can tweak your game.

I would also make note of your Coins & Diamonds.  Take a screenshot, so you can compare what you have now with what loads when you do the Backup swap.

Then go ahead and REMOVE the current Elephant Games Folder (temporarily put it in the Trash, but don't empty the Trash yet)

COPY your Backup from the 12th and PASTE it into AppData/Roaming.  Rember to Edit out the date you may have added to the folder name so it only says: Elephant Games

Then Launch MC.  If it doesn't work, Restart your device, then Launch MC again.

It SHOULD bring up your MC progress back to the 12th.  

If it does . . . WOOHOO!!!

If not you can swap back the CURRENT Backup you (hopefully) made today, contact BFCS and hopefully they'll tweak your game so you're not stuck.

Hope this helps!!!

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Hi my friend,

I had a similar problem with the Ship model at level 72, I Accidentally overstepped to 73 before sending it off. BF fixed it for me in no time.

Good luck

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Thanks for instructions but unfortunately the backup from the 12th didn’t work- should have brought me back to level 93-instead I’m at the same spot with nothing missing.

I still have the original laptop- it was my Moms game and when she passed I continued playing. 
Would I cause more problems if I just started playing on that computer again? Or redo another backup from old laptop?

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


So, are you saying you have the same MC Game still on your Mom's PC which is still at Level 93? (and my deepest sympathies for your Mom's passing)

You could certainly try opening the MC Game on your Mom's PC and see if it opens back at Level 93.  But first, make sure you EXIT the stuck at Level 95 MC game on your other device.

If it opens to Level 93 you could continue playing on Mom's device and call it good . . . or move ithe progress to the device with the stuck Level 95 MC Game.  Remember to Trash the stuck at Level 95 game's progress before swapping the progress from Mom's device.

I'm nervous about swapping a waaaay older Backup, it might screw things up if the Backup was made DURING the Christmas  Event (or any Event, for that matter)  Now that we have a content folder in our MC progress, the way our progress 'talks' to the 'shell' is more complex.

And if none of the above work, you can still just contact BFG and have them unstick your game.

I'll check back to follow your experience, Jules.  This is all very interesting.

Fingers, legs and eyes crossed . . .

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Thanks for all the good ideas. Old laptop didn’t work either- a download starts 1-17 then game opens to current level. I guess I’ll put in a request for help.

My download was only 5 days old so it shouldn’t have been an issue with the events. I concentrated on getting coins so when event ended I would level up quicker. I’m newly retired so I had more time to play and other castles to help with items needed.

Thanks for condolences and thanks for guidance especially since your accident I read about. You’re an amazing person.


Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Thanks Di looks like I have to contact BF.

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Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Just wanted to update this message. Finally got through BF emails and able to craft the Viking Boat and started to progress through level 95 then hit another problem. Now I cannot craft Lucky Purse so I sent another request to BF to fix this issue yesterday.
I looked ahead and I will be able to craft all the upcoming items so once they fix this I can really proceed. Keeping busy with CC. IB, and gathering items that will be needed.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!