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Cannot unlock Viking Boat in Level 95   Technical Issues

Started Feb-16 by Jules (Jues1102); 965 views.
Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


So, are you saying you have the same MC Game still on your Mom's PC which is still at Level 93? (and my deepest sympathies for your Mom's passing)

You could certainly try opening the MC Game on your Mom's PC and see if it opens back at Level 93.  But first, make sure you EXIT the stuck at Level 95 MC game on your other device.

If it opens to Level 93 you could continue playing on Mom's device and call it good . . . or move ithe progress to the device with the stuck Level 95 MC Game.  Remember to Trash the stuck at Level 95 game's progress before swapping the progress from Mom's device.

I'm nervous about swapping a waaaay older Backup, it might screw things up if the Backup was made DURING the Christmas  Event (or any Event, for that matter)  Now that we have a content folder in our MC progress, the way our progress 'talks' to the 'shell' is more complex.

And if none of the above work, you can still just contact BFG and have them unstick your game.

I'll check back to follow your experience, Jules.  This is all very interesting.

Fingers, legs and eyes crossed . . .

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Thanks for all the good ideas. Old laptop didn’t work either- a download starts 1-17 then game opens to current level. I guess I’ll put in a request for help.

My download was only 5 days old so it shouldn’t have been an issue with the events. I concentrated on getting coins so when event ended I would level up quicker. I’m newly retired so I had more time to play and other castles to help with items needed.

Thanks for condolences and thanks for guidance especially since your accident I read about. You’re an amazing person.


Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Thanks Di looks like I have to contact BF.

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Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Just wanted to update this message. Finally got through BF emails and able to craft the Viking Boat and started to progress through level 95 then hit another problem. Now I cannot craft Lucky Purse so I sent another request to BF to fix this issue yesterday.
I looked ahead and I will be able to craft all the upcoming items so once they fix this I can really proceed. Keeping busy with CC. IB, and gathering items that will be needed.

Stay healthy and safe everyone!