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Hi   Welcome!

Started Feb-18 by Franki 7775 (franki7775); 2164 views.

I love games, whether it is arcade, words, wordsearch or mystery item games. I will have to read more on the seasonal events. For now I will be spending some time in the tips, trick, guides and advice folder. 

Thanks for the information Robert. I look forward to playing it. 

Wow! Thank you for the warm welcome Dhyani. 

I bet soon I will be hooked here too. 

I will have to get more info on how to get a castle name. I will check the link shortly. 

Thanks. I've downloaded it onto my phone from the playstore. However my screen size is too small. So I will download it to my tablet. Thank you for all the help Jenifer

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Howdy Franki!!!

Unless things have changed since I set up my 13 Castles . . .

You can change your Castle Name from the Default Name (Player) as well as the Avatar from the lineup of Avatar available to you, by clicking on the image in the Upper Left of your game screen.  The Default Avatar is a featureless white mannequin. I don't recall if this Avatar image is visible when you first start, but play and Level Up until you see the Default (white mannequin) in the Upper Left corner of the game screen.

You will have MORE Avatars available as you progress through the Game, some Avatars are awarded for completing Achievements, and also from Castle Challenges (which last 30 days, an Avatar for each of the 3 10-day 'quests' of the Challenge.)  

Since you're just starting, you may not have enough Areas/HO Scenes open, Airship Items, Items to put in the Zoom Zones, Pet Food, yadda yadda, to complete the ENTIRE Castle Challenge, but you could very well complete the first 10-day 'quest' over the course of the FULL 30 days.  In other words, you don't have to complete a day of a Castle Challenge 'quest' every day. So you CAN catch up.

This will make more sense when you actually see the next Castle Challenge.  

And remember . . . Midnight Castle is a MARATHON, not a SPRINT! 

Take your time and ENJOY STORMIN' THE CASTLE!!!

Hope this helps!!!

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom

thank you for the information Dhyani. I look forward to playing.

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