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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 365101 views.

In Alberta (and parts of Canada) we have truck convoys protesting against vaccines, etc.  Stopping regular people from going about their business, blaring their horns all day and night, spewing diesel fumes all because they can't get a tiny needle in the arm. Our Premier is now saying Monday will be the start of "opening up" with no masking, etc.  while hospital numbers keep climbing. I am SICK TO DEATH of virus deniers, but we are stuck with them.  Nowhere to go, but have to stick this thing out and hope brains prevail at some point.  Thanks goodness for MC to think about something fun to do for an hour or so in the day confused 


From: AEGram


There is a rather morbid way to look at this.....statistics show that most of the people in the hospital or who die are from the unvaccinated.

Of course, there are certainly those who are older or have underlying conditions that are still being placed in harms way by those unvaccinated ones spreading the virus.

But, since more of the unvaccinated are dying, there's hope there will be fewer of them around for future pandemics.


From: LvlSlgr


AEGram said:

But, since more of the unvaccinated are dying, there's hope there will be fewer of them around for future pandemics.

Definitely a different way to look at it. wink


From: datsalotta


You said answer to those who refuse the vaccination by saying God will take care of them: God gave intelligence/knowledge to scientists to develop a vaccine in record time because of new research capabilities that (perhaps) were in the late stages of development for such a time as this........for them to reject the vaccine in the name of God is rejecting what God has provided for them.

Here Here !!!




I know this wasn't aimed at me but made me upset. I am allergic to so many things. Latex top of the list and so chronic that I have to have safe OR before surgery's  or treatments. Allergic to stitches, tubing, anything made with plastic or rubber.  Also any foods that have same proteins as latex. Bananas, peaches, mango, etc. anything in nightshade family: Potato, Tomato, Peppers, eggplant. Some beans: Lima beans, red beans although other beans I CAN eat. EGGS are in everything. I don't eat cakes, cookies ice creams unless I make them using applesauce in place of eggs.

Many medicines I can't use because of preservatives used.  Sulfites, Sulfur used in so many medicines. The list of things I am allergic too is 4 pages and counting. That I carry with me. Perfumes, laundry soaps, lotions, shampoos etc. 

My Doctors say my case is one of the worst they have seen. And have some that had disregarded my warnings and put me in great jeopardy. I have to be loud and warn of my allergies to keep myself safe. Outpatient clinics will not perform test or procedures on me and have to have done in Hospital settings. 

Haven't  been out except doctors since Jan2019. Have not had anyone in home for years because of damaged immunity system.

I am well aware of many who profess allergies that just don't like or do not want to eat things. Those are the people that make it bad for me and anyone who have life threatening allergies. 

I read ingredients of everything I use. Can't have under ware with elastic, rubber or latex they write on material .

I am like the Canaries in cages they would put down in mines to detect poisons.

Be aware that some of us are truly allergic and don't try to fool or test us. But do question anyone and ask if life threatening. 

I ask everyone to get vaccines and used to help organize group Mammograms', Prostate tests, Blood drives and Flu shots.

 Get vaccines, yearly medical tests make them group outings with friends.

Be safe for yourself, loved ones, the world.




From: AEGram


Oh, KNIMtheTOAD!!!!!   I cannot imagine living in your world. My heart goes out to you.

And for those who refuse to get vaccinated, even if they don't care about themselves....they should care about their fellowman/woman.

Getting vaccinated and not carrying this virus not only protects the person vaccinated, but others around them who may have compromised bodies/systems.


From: LvlSlgr


No, KNIMtheTOAD, it was not aimed at you. I realize people have allergies. Or bad reactions - not necessarily allergies - to different things. I have to avoid all anti-inflammatory products because they mess up my kidneys. I can't even take aspirin or ibuprofen without having a reaction. I'm allergic to several pollens in my area and some strain of mold here that really does a number on me during the winter. For that reason, I take two allergy meds - one prescribed and the other OTC which used to be prescribed - each day. Compared to you, I have it really easy, but I still have to be careful. 

I was just saying that my mother uses the allergies as an excuse even when she doesn't really have an allergy. And as I said, the most frustrating part about is that her doctor just nods his head and goes along with it. Get a different doctor? We did that several years ago. Every time I took her it was a battle because he would let her push him around. Finally, she found another doctor who doesn't do anything but agree with her no matter what. 

I hope you don't think my rant was aimed at you.  My sister cannot get the flu shot because she had heart problems after one, but seems to be able to tolerate covid vaccine.  Anyone with allergies like you should certainly be exempt, but I was talking about truck convoys that are making life miserable for everybody else and being threatening to medical personnel, young women walking down the street, anyone wearing a mask and on and on.  Some have even started protesting in front of schools to have students not wear masks or get vaccinated. The interesting thing I have seen children with masks having a great time running, playing and doing kid stuff so these adults have to smarten up.  These people are not interested in seniors, immunocompromised, or those who have cancer and are on chemo.   These protestors are lacking in any morals.  

Please stay safe and know we are supporting you!


From: oiuoiu321


(((((((KNIM)))))))  What a tough way to live.

People like you are why, when someone told me their family were healthy so they didn't need the vaccine, I answered "We're healthy too, so we got the vaccine to help others." This was at church, so you can guess the guilty look on her face.  BTW, her family now has had the vaccine.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Wow KnimtheToad that is rough. I am so sorry you have to deal with all of that.  I can't image having to cope with everything you do.

The only allergy I have is to fresh salmon, which annoys me as I actually love fresh salmon, and now I can't eat it. Oddly enough, I can eat the tinned salmon just fine.

My brother is going the whole 'allergic' to the vaccine route as well. Except he's gone a step further into do-lally-land and says he can tell when someone near him has had the vaccine within the past 14 days as it makes him feel ill just being close to them! I always thought my younger brother was the smart one of the family. Turns out I was wrong.