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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 451005 views.

From: Turbogramma


One of the patients in the rehab clinic where my daughter works is absolutely convinced that 5G is the cause.  You can't cure stupid.


From: oiuoiu321


Oh, that's hilarious.  5G isn't even a thing, it's a marketing gimmick.  Like car "model years" that have nothing to do with when a car is designed, made or sold.


From: mmpendo


oiuoiu321 said:

5G isn't even a thing, it's a marketing gimmick. 

I agree. Companies will be spending trillions of dollars replacing equipment, erecting many many more towers (the range is ~1/3 that of the old dishes?). And for what advantage? For smart cars? For live streaming? For medical records (possibly but I doubt it)?

I live in a rural area and have most of my life. We don't have any cell phone service here but we use a wifi connection to our internet from a tablet to place phone calls. Our internet speed is 5mbs.

I say no to 5G, particularly Wauwei.   


From: GaviTn


I too live out in the country, only go out when some one takes to the store (I don't have a car), Now this is totally off your subject but I need help, How do I lvl up,  I'm on lvl 07 and the rest  up to level 100, can't figure this out , thank you for any help you can give me (O, PinFeathers says wait for the next update) Stay safe, stay happy and a pleasant evening to you

Gavi-Tn #822345

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Check the Game Manager.  You may have to do a manual update.


From: Turbogramma


5G simply stands for "fifth generation" of wireless signal broadband strength.  And it's mostly fiber optics, not metal wiring.  So, it *is* able to carry more info and at much faster speeds. Getting it to actually cover all the land is going to be an enormous challenge, but it will be easier than Verizon's FIOS.  They started at the coasts and are working their way inland.  Kansas City should get it sometime in 2525. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes


From: GaviTn


this is something I always do, gees I don't understand it, it's like I've missed something somewhere, ugh


From: BreezyB1560


It's just too bad they're not taking all of the politicians with them!

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

Try going into Setting and telling MC to download ALL content. You might be stuck between "Chapters"


From: CzoeMC


Lady Diane (Lady51Diane) said:

But a good bit of me is fearful of turning vampirish...LOL

I sprinkled some salt  on the edge of the the outdoor, to keep the ants out, and my daughters laughingly suggested that I was preventing supernatural invasion. Just eat more veg, to not be a bloodsucker!  LOL