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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 208841 views.

From: MrsFletcher


Hi dear Friends,  My Joe , little Yorkie mix Ritzy and I are hunkering down here in our cozy small Cottage like home just watching the world around us go a wee bit crazy like while clearing the store shelves of "Wipes, TP,  and drinking water.....Sigh....What really made me darn right "Mad as a Red Hen" was when our sweet future "Granddaughter in Law"  who is studying to be an RN posted Us from Her home in Ireland how that some low life's are stealing the hand cleaners right off the Patients rooms walls and out of the Hospitals not caring anything about the Doctors or Nurses there who desperately need them!!!!  Joe and I bless and Pray everyday that those who are out there in the front lines trying their best to find a cure and take care of those whom are ill stay well themselves....   And you dear Friend's blush Please stay safe and well all of you cause I hold everyone of you right here in my heart....OK?!

Love and gentle Hugs,

Linda/Mrs Fletcher 


From: anglegirl70


I'm in Lenawee County, Michigan.We are now on lockdown in Michigan.  Stores are pretty much empty here.  Milk is rationed to 1 per person in some of the stores.  We are able to go get our medicine.  Hospitials and nursing homes are not allowing visitors at this time. As of yesterday we have one confirmed case of the Virus in Lenawee County and One in Hillsdale, Mich.  Not sure which city in Lenawee though.  I have been trying to stay home and away from people as much as I can.  Our church has canceled everything except the 10:30 am service on Sunday morning and that is being live streamed through our facebook website page, because they can't have more than 10 people in the building at a time right now.  It was different but at least we got to hear our pastor.  He also has been doing a mini service (about 15 to 20 minutes long) each morning for us which I really appreciate.  Keeps my mind going in the right way.  The Deacons have been calling all the elderly every few days  to make sure that we are all doing ok.  Glad of that because my furnace went out and Citizens Gas & Fuel would not send a tech to our house.  When I called her she heard me coughing and asked If i was sick.  I didn't lie and I told her I have had bronchitis and I have been taking antibiotics for it.  It was so cold in the house and I really needed my furnace fixed but they would not let any one come here.  When the deacons heard about that, they got the guy that works on our furnace at our church to come out the very next day and within 45 minutes they had it fixed and running fine.  Thank God for that.  People around here are going crazy about hording Toilet paper and hand sanatizer and anything else they can.  I don't understand that.  We are supposed to be trying to help one another.  I am very thankful for all the people on our forum.  We have such wonderful helpful people on here.  Please everyone stay in as much as you can and stay healthy.  God Bless all.  Sandy


From: Randytb


Thank you Jen for putting this up for us to keep in touch with each other and know how we are doing/

As most of you know I am in Canada up North from Montreal .

We have now gone on lock down and like everyone else going through this we are under the order to stay home ,, follow the advise of the experts be safe not sorry.

Our Prime Minister is doing an amazing job in this situation as a matter of fact when his wife came back from England 3 weeks ago she tested positive and went in home lock down even though he is not sick with this virus he put himself in confinement .

He holds a news conference every morning out side his residents and keeps us all to date what is going or what will be done.

We have a very sharp increase in the number of cases here ( it jumped to over 400 in one day ) because every one coming back from there trips etc. are NOT doing as they are told  go right home,,, to go right home NO stopping for groceries or anything else,, but because they are not doing this and the Young ones who think they are invisible and keep on hanging out in large groups he has hinted on declaring Marshal Law .

Being on lock down here is the same world wide ,,, only groceries store pharmacies and liquor stores and the Pot stores ,, yep you read right God forbid the Quebeckers should have there booze or pot taken away.

And the Primer of Quebec ( not Canada just Quebec) said on the news the other day we will not close the Liquor stores nor the Pot Stores because there are people  that need it so we will not take it away from them my jaw hit the floor and said what an A** WIPE,

See the difference between the two??

The Prime Minister Of Canada made a solemn promise to all Canadians that the shelves will never be bare that no one will go with out if a shelf is cleared it will restocked that night or next morning  and the AW promised to keep all who want  drunk or high  well I guess that is one way of riding this out but my question is  are they going to use the bottles as toilet paper or a snack??

We all know when anyone smokes pot they get the munchies SMHID=== shake my head in disgust 

Again thank you Jen for giving us this place to post and hope you have a great birthday trip when you can go .

Please be safe all sis and I are fine and hope the same to you all.

Randy in Canada 

Hi Randy,

Liquor manufacturers here are making hand sanitizer out of alcohol and distributing it for free.  You can use rubbing alcohol to rub down surfaces.   That's the positive.  On the other hand, liquor is being delivered everywhere for consumption.  Apparently no one wants to live without booze. Go figure.

With everyone about to be unemployed, you'd think they would save their money for real food and other necessities.  We are what we are.

My family  lives in and around Montreal.  They are also on lock down.  So far no one is sick. 

Keep safe.



From: mdpetdoc


Maintaining the alcohol and medical marijuana supply is extremely important. When an alcoholic is abruptly cut off from alcohol, withdrawal complications result in hospitalization which further taxes the health care system. The same is true with the pot supply. Concentrations of medical marijuana are typically quite high and many people may be unknowingly addicted. 

Personally I would rather the addicts keep getting what they need than see them occupying a hospital bed needed for someone seriously ill from COVID 19.


From: LadyDiFL


Heard a new take on this today...our Creator got tired of all the bickering, so He sent us all to our rooms.

Kid (Kidmagnet)

From: Kid (Kidmagnet)


I'm both bored and stressed, but alive and healthy.

Howdah (smitcheltree)

From: Howdah (smitcheltree)


Us oldies can still sweat to the oldies


From: Randytb


Hi Pat ,

Yes one the biggest brewer here is doing the same thing making hand sanitize and just watched our news and a Sports equipment  maker has now started to make face masks for the front liners and any others who want a full face mask,,, and some clothing manufacturers who make jeans are now making medical items such as O,R, gowns , pants and also patients gowns.

As usual my comments on the alcohol and Pot where lets say misunderstood I am NOT talking about an alcoholic that is an addiction same as medical marijuana  that is used to relieve the horrific pain a Cancer Patience would go through.

An Alcoholic can not just walk into a Liquor store for a bottle or two most are homeless and beg for a few bucks to get the cheapest wine they can find or drink rubbing alcohol I have even seen some melt down shoe polish to get a small amount of Alcohol  and as for the Marijuana well my Uncle before he passed away last year was a heavy pot smoker it was the only thing that helped him with his pain .

Am I belittling  them?? ABSOLUTE NOT that comment was taken out of context.

  • Edited March 25, 2020 7:10 pm  by  Randytb



TOAD/Otter/MOUSE checking in.  Southern Indiana,  Daughter has finished restocking kitchen, Remodeling took so long all we had left was dust and some cans of re fried beans. 2 grocers in area. IGA  is not only selling but offer car pickup and handling of limited supplies with Grace and supplying free sack lunches to the kids! 

Walmart and Amazon deliveries are coming in bits and pieces. I asked Bobbie to order a lg bottle of Tylenol and price was $75! No on that. 

I have a flareup of Fibromylogy (spelling) that triggered Shingles. I have been on isolation since 1st week of February as High risk health. After Chemo/ radiation 3 times for 3 different Cancers over 35 + yrs I have no natural Antibodies left. Plus I am allergic to many medications,  fruits, vegges , eggs, LATEX, Sulfurs and more.

Called Doctor and he set up my medications w/refills. Pharmacy is 2 blocks. The  Office manager called and went over health issues. Nurse called and just talked and joked w/me. Said to call with any questions.

My gardener and his wife both good friends, brought me 3 audio books. They have been working on tree landscaping and called me came over with 2 helpers  today and cut down 2 trees that did not  make it through the storm. Trimmed and saved 1 tree. $250. All others I called wanted $600 +. 2 neighbors came out to watch and we shouted to each other at a safe distance. 

I worry for my 2 older brothers in Calif. Grandsons 3( Texas, Virginia, Missouri) either going to college or teaching college and  one is a Physicist who is in isolation all the time anyway, are happy and safe so far. All love games and are using internet for work/school. Daughter working from home her husband is Pharmacy Tech on Marine base. 

I have cabin fever, itchy  and working through the pain. I am Praying for all and sending good wishes. I cried a little in frustration but shake it off. Will be in yard early when its not raining but pollen season is upon us. IN/out on MC. 

Time to pull out Jigsaw puzzle and teach cats new tricks. 

Hugs to all and hang there.