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Roll Call!   Welcome!

Started 3/23/20 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 511026 views.
Jenifer (Zarknorph)

From: Jenifer (Zarknorph)


This really made me smile today.  Much needed.

SOCIAL DISTANCE - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody


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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


games Robert and Robert2 on PC. Pretty2, cutiepie, fred and wendy1 on Android. Michigan is not as bad off a some, yet. Officially laid off as Friday March 20. hopefully can still order dumpster and have it delivered. I have lots of house cleaning to do after Ma's death. I did not figure I would get to it till May. We were working six days a week till Wednesday March 18, when they cancelled the overtime and told us the 20th would be our last day.  

If this is the new norm the hoarders will disappear and shelves will be restocked. There are no food shortages, just not enough trucks and drivers to keep up with demand.  docks only have so much room and stockers can only stock so fast. Bakers can only bake so fast.  

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


If you watch 0.36-1.29 of this video when the nurse speaks, it actually sickens me about this country's attitude to this problem.

It just sickens me!

NHS Staff Find Empty Shelves. Why Do People Panic Buy?

We have seen scenes of people panic buying things like hand sanitiser and toilet paper, but is the this fault of government or of citizens. Have we lost our ...


From: GrannyBee


Robert - thank you. You are such a shining example for us all! Your take-it-as-it-comes attitude towards both the game and life in general - Yeah. Absolutely. We'll all get through this with a little common sense, patience, and kindness.

I'm extremely fortunate to work from home doing remote data processing and live in a fairly rural area in Western Massachusetts so while schools, restaurants, and bars have been closed, many of us are still able to keep life somewhat normal. I stock up staples quarterly when the co-op I belong to has special discounts for members so at this point we're still doing our normal weekly grocery shopping and going to the farm where we get our raw milk.

Did have a bit of a tight situation last week because we've been so spoiled by for the prescription cat food our Furry Lord & Master needs. Normally we place our order & just about before we can blink it's on our doorstep. Not so this time - placed the order and immediately got an auto-response that the order would be shipped in 5-to-7 days. Of course we'd waited till there were only 2 cans left in the cupboard so picked up a few cans at the co-op to mix with it & get him through. He ate it but not without letting us know quite clearly that it was *not* what he was used to. LOL. God Bless and FedEx though - they actually delivered *yesterday* - Sunday afternoon!

So all in all, we're doing well here. Sending love, strength, and patience to one and all.



Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


Good morning to allkissing_heart

live in S. Cal, LA county. Work in Hospital. We have task forces meeting every day to prep for surge. Planning for the sky is falling scenario, hoping for the best. Think point of care testing ready this week. Have all in house patient’s use cell phones to stay connected to family/friends. No visitors for now.

shopping wise. Home delivery a bust so far ( have elderly parents) , I am a “younger” senior shopping hours help. (Costco for paper goods/most cleaning....and their cooked rotisserie chicken...limits on everything  but can buy) At actual stores. Many shelves empty.

BUT many stores available . Can cobble together what we need. Maybe more expensive brands.  bought 2 turkey thighs, instead of breast, organically fed hamburger ?,  buy low sodium V8 in larger containers instead of small cans, or using more washable napkins, cloths instead of paper towels,.

on a very different tact, my son has ordered add on bidet electronic function....we will see how that works! His work has slowed down. Works every week for now. His GF works for health insurance company, so works from home, as my daughter who works for public university.

have many restaurants that have food pickup. Or drive through.  Gas stations, pharmacy 
, crafting stores open...gotta keep those kids and us! Hobbyists busy ( 84yr mom sews) 

I do believe the stay at home encouragement will help.  Tired from working weekend.

thankful for global connections electronically . Streaming service . Read books, podcasts, shows...etc... music too.

religious services on tv or on line.

a million home projects.

a little grey humor here. At work we joke of second surge of Covid babies in December. 

prayers and elbow bumps for allbouquet

Good morning!

We live in the SF Bay Area.  I'm retired and have been dealing with a knee injury and gout, so I don't get out much anyway.  Hubby works for FEMA, so he's working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  He's been driving in to work on the nearly empty freeways instead of taking the train. Next week he gets to telework, so that will be nice.

Since my mobility is limited, I'm used to getting groceries delivered and doing my Target shopping online.  But now Target is no longer delivering and the earliest I can get a grocery delivery is eight days out.  And of course, you can't even order toilet paper online, so things were getting a little dire...

One daughter and her boyfriend got laid off.  My other daughter is a student and single mother of three.  So my husband and I have been sending them money.  We've also been buying gift cards from local small businesses to help keep them afloat, as well as ordering take-out from mom-and-pop restaurants.  We've been saving up for a new truck, so now may be the time to pull the trigger on that, as I'm sure dealerships aren't doing too well, either. 

We're very close to our neighbors (we shut down the street for a block party every 4th of July and have a happy hour every Friday night), so we have a pretty good support group.  One neighbor gave us a large pack of toilet paper, and the other says they have more if we need it.  I love to bake, so I have a store of bags of flour and sugar, vanilla, butter, etc. so I've got enough for all of us - making cookies is a great activity for the bored kiddos.  One neighbor is a hunter, so he's got a chest freezer full of game.  We shop at the Commissary at Travis, so I have a ton of canned goods from our last "stock up" trip.  And we just smoked 10 lbs of Canadian bacon and 15 lbs of regular bacon a couple weeks ago.  And once I can literally get back on my feet, I plan to start baking bread since you can't get it for love or money at any grocery store.  My neighbors love sourdough!

All in all, I think we're going to be fine.  But I worry a lot about everyone else out there...

Take care, all.  Stay safe.

PS - As a foodie, I found this quite interesting.  For anyone worried about food safety during the pandemic:




Here in Pennsylvania - 644 confirmed cases so far, only 4 deaths but that is 4 families that are grieving.  Our state is currently ordering all non-essential businesses to close.  Restaurants are doing take-out, pick-up or  delivery only.  Asking all residents to stay home except for grocery shopping, pharmacies or gas stations.  My husband and I are only going out for those reasons, we are both over 70.  We have made "mercy runs" to my 92 year old Mother but my brother lives with her and is shopping for what is available in the stores.  We are reading, cleaning out the basement and I am trying out new recipes and of course 'storming the castle".  We will get by but do miss the the kids and grandkids.  But it has to be done for the greater good.  God love the Doctors, Nurses, EMTs and Police!  I have a few in the family and they are working around the clock.  Stay home, people!  Don't overload the system any more than it is!

Be well, everyone!


From: WelshShelley


UK is now in Lockdown, as PM's message to the people tonight (20.30 GMT)

I am classed as a "Vulnerable Person", I am a diabetic.

I decided to Self Isolate on Saturday, only going out to get essential groceries. I have tried to access the local supermarkets, home delivery services, but I will have to wait 3 weeks as there are NO free time slots.

For my Diabetic Meds, I now have to ring my GP, they will then instruct the local chemist and they in turn will now deliver to me, I can walk there in 5 minutes. 

Our PM has said many things tonight, of what we can do and what we can't. One of them is exercise, once a day. So me and my Dawg will take a long walk out in the early morning. I am lucky where I live, because I can walk for miles and not see a soul, except sheep sheep and more sheep, but now it's Spring time and the Birds singing is glorious as they try and attract a mate.

So now, I want to also say a HUGE big thank you to all the UK's NHS workers, Police, Volunteers and Supermarket Workers who are now keeping this country running.

I also want to say, my condolences to everyone around the World who have lost loved ones to this awful virus.

Stay Safe everyone on here, listen to what your Prime Ministers, Presidents, Country Leaders, Scientists are saying and follow their guidance.

With Love to you All

Welsh Shelley


From: Maggie1947


HI Jenifer, 

I still live in Washington State, though not where the man with the funny hair is sunglasses

So far all is well though we are using  paper towels for toilet paper as there is none on the shelves...and my roommate works at Walmart...none available. My daughter was exposed to the virus as she is a caregiver in Vancouver, Wa and her patients were diagnosed positive. They were husband and wife and both died....Very sad story. She thought they had pneumonia and had them sent to the hospital...she is in quarantine, but so far so good it has been over 2 weeks. I stay indoors and hope that my roommate doesn't bring it in. But I am so thankful he is keeping us in food, I would say groceries but it is hit and miss at best. I don't type well so I am sure I am rambling without the proper protocal...

Hugs to everyone who is affected!by this horrible pandemic.


WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


New Zealand goes in to lockdown at midnight tonight. We actually don't have many cases but the government believes this is the only way to make sure it doesn't get worse. We will be in lockdown for 4 weeks at least.

Everyone is running around like crazy today getting ready. I was actually on leave from work but had to go in today to collect a computer because as of next week I will be working from home. I also managed to nip to the chemist to get a supply of my perscriptions so I am set with them, and the chemist is attached to a supermarket so I nipped in there as well to collect a few things - their weren't many people at the supermarket which surprised me. Anyone, I'm good for cat food now. 

Working from home will be a good thing for me as I really really don't want to catch the disease. I am diabetic and therefore vulnerable to extreme case of it. And work doesn't expect us to put in a full days work. They say 2 or 3 hours a day is fine, but we are still on full pay so I don't need to worry about bills or the mortgage.

I am naturally a self-isolating type of person so as long as I don't get ill I should ride this out okay. And the cat is going to love having me at home all day to do its bidding.