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Anabel and the Knight   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 5/5/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 37698 views.
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Lost in memories, the Iron Knight was surprised to find Helma standing next to him.  He no longer sensed she looked at him through the eye of deception but rather through the lens of certainty.  Helma presented the Iron Knight with a gift, a peace pipe.  She patiently explained the significance to her people of each part of the pipe; the mouthpiece of trust is the foundation that gives rise to something greater; the bowl is called the stummel of understanding because it is the most important component of peaceful relations and the ring of reconciliation represents a firm handshake of two sides coming together.  The peace pipe’s smoke is meant to reconcile even the worst enemies.  The Iron Knight didn’t understand why he would need such an artifact from the past, but he gratefully accepted Helma’s gift.

But Helma wasn’t finished.  She produced from her robe the necklace of crystal tears.  Jewelry made from a crying eye can give its strongest emotions to its owners and this particular necklace radiated an aura of happiness.  It was perfect for the one he loved and wanted to protect most.

Sensing the Knight’s confusion over her gifts, Helma sought out a way to help him understand.  She showed him her revelation rod with seals affixed to either end.  The acceptance seal treated all memories as treasures that must be sealed and the refreshing seal was used to seal the old chapter of your life before starting a new one.  Memories were integral to Helma’s people and their way of life; they were preserved and revered.  Despite the language barrier, the Knight thought he understood.  The pipe would come in handy should he be confronted by an enemy and the necklace represented his life over the past 8 years with Anabel.

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Anxious to be back home, the Knight decided his quest to confront Arabella could wait.  Armed with directions out of the mountains and enough rations to see them through, the Knight and his werewolf warriors began the journey home.  He turned to wave goodbye to Helma, but she was gone and the village looked just as desolate as it did when they first came upon it.  


Before she dove deeper into this pity party she was throwing for herself, Anabel looked up and saw the Iron Knight silhouetted against  the heart of the mountain as specks of stars danced in the sky.  He always left her breathless each time she saw him and she never understood how it was possible to love him more.  And yet, she did.

The Iron Knight approached his wife and saw her as though looking through an eye of truth.  Not only was her natural beauty visible, but the beauty of all their years together radiated in her face.  The Knight reached into his doublet and took out the crystal necklace and fastened it around Anabel’s neck.  Helma said an aura of happiness radiated from the necklace, but the Knight was sure it was the other way around.  The aura of happiness that radiated from Anabel came from within and it enveloped his wife.  The glistening gems mirrored Anabel’s tears falling from her green eyes, tinging the necklace with an emerald hue.  Eventually, he would tell Anabel the story of Helma; how good memories are treasures to be sealed and this necklace embodied all his love and loyalty for her.  But for now, it was enough they were together again.

Anabel held her Knight tight and wished with all her heart this moment would never end.  For one split second, she felt contentment with the world.  Then she opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of a bat in the distance, hovering and watching.

***********************TO BE CONTINUED