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Started Jun-7 by Suenamie5; 1244 views.

From: NanaLoona


Yep, that's me.  I had to get a new computer a couple of months ago and they were able to transfer my old game to a new number.  It's either 868008 or 868088, I need to write that down.  I invited all the numbers I could find on the forum because they couldn't transfer my friends.  I also couldn't get anyone to come up by their game name, only numbers.  But Suenamie found me, YEAH!

I don't remember where I saw or heard the name Celtica, but I really liked it so I used it.  My first game name was NanaLoona, but I had to restart when I got a new computer way back when I was on level 20 or so. If I start another game, which I think about every now and then, it will be back to NanaLoona. 

Leslie aka Celtica aka NanaLoona