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New Update Available - All Platforms   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jul-6 by CindyK65; 774 views.
Sun (sunriserain)

From: Sun (sunriserain)


Thank you so very much! I was doing the search and hitting open, and got no changes. Clicking the big picture did it!


From: CindyK65


So glad it helped. It took me days to figure that out during an earlier event. Happy Playing! 

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From: AEGram


For those interested and curious about what is/was in this most recent update:

1. Every player received 2 new puzzles....they will be at the back of the puzzle list. If you've finished all the others, be sure to unlock one of them so you will get puzzle pieces from HOS completion.

2. Silver Fox has been added to Trina's Key Master Shop as a tribute to a player who recently passed to another realm.

3. For those who were stuck on Level 97 waiting for the Ruler of Islands to speak with you, she will now give you that last task to take you to Level 98. The update will take most players into the very beginning of Level 100 (1735/8000). ..............There may be some who display a higher level because of a glitch several years ago....but we are now waiting for Morisa the Forest Witch to give us her 11th task of 12 tasks to be completed.

...........The message from her is quite interesting: I'm busy practicing magic and preparing herbs right now. Come back in another Moon phase. ...This is the first time (that I can remember) since I've been documenting the character quests in the MC Game Guide that the message has not included some reference to a future update that is coming soon.

4. This most recent update will give maxed out players an additional 3 locations to open, 6 new HOSs and 6 new ZZs. The update (if you have to craft every item as well as open all the new places) will cost 205,300 coins.

5. There are 5 new "to craft" items. Players will be requested to craft each one during the course of the update.

6. There's been a new area added to the map.....Titan Town. ..............During the last update (February 2020), we got the first 3 locations in this area, but because our only entrance to that area was from one of the locations in Northern Islands, we thought they belonged there. .............All of my threads, including the MC Game Guide, have been updated to indicate the 3 locations, HOSs and ZZs from February's update are now in Titan Town. .............It can still be accessed from the same place within the Northern Islands (from the Fort Dungeon location), but it can also be reached by clicking on Titan Town from the map. Both actions will deliver you to Titan Town Gates

For those who've not gone through the new material or just approaching this point in the game......I will offer a caution:

When I went through the update, many times I would see 2 bubbles on a location. Sometimes I would be going to that location to enter an HOS or ZZ to get an item; other times I'd be sent there to open one of those bubbles. I strongly recommend only clicking on any of the bubbles when a character quest sends you there. Opening one that is supposed to be opened at a later time before opening one that is being requested can cause game glitches that will result in assistance from Big Fish. -------------If you always click on the button next to the task from the character, when you get to the desired location it will "pulse" or stand out to indicate where you should go. This will help select the correct bubble if there are 2 in the same location.

Because of this, I also suggest that players click on just the first character in the Pinfeathers quest....finish all of the tasks from that character....then click on the next character.  Not only will it help the game to progress without issues, but the narrative at the top of the character quests will make far more sense.

My intent is not to tell players how to play their games......just offering suggestions based on what I saw that may help players avoid some problems with the game progress.

The new locations and scenes are quite lovely......I believe my favorite is the Hut on Legs location.