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Wifi issues with this Update   Technical Issues

Started Jul-7 by datsalotta; 535 views.

From: loopykaren


Clear your cache on any browsers  u use.  Maybe do a full a full clear of ur pad.  Sounds like u need more space to download. not good on ipad but im just trying to think of ideas to help.

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From: datsalotta


Thought about something else going on another device at the same time I was having connection problems.

Went to do a search on my pvr and a totally new search engine had been updated. I thought the pvr could have been receiving an update which dedicated my router for a time.

Also we have a 'smart' TV which receives updates.

All is well now, happy to say.

Thanks for your time to send me your thoughts.


From: datsalotta


Hey Parrot11mc

I use ipad too. I check often in Settings / General / ipad storage. The bar at the top shows how much memory is being used / free to use. Then I scroll down and choose apps to "Offload" or "Delete" until I'm satisfied there is enough memory available to download new stuff

Anyway, that's the first thing I would check. 

Hope this helps


From: datsalotta


The only time I've had a wifi connectivity problem is just when the new update arrived - what - 3 days ago?

Could not keep a strong connection for better part of 2 days. Frustrating. Then on the 3rd day I had steady strong wifi connection. 

Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. And good to know I'm not the only one with wifi issues.


From: lilredhood51


you are not the only one. my pc choked on it a number of times.  my tablet has choked on it too. it is an android tablet so is it not just ipad. i haven't tried loading in a couple of days. just got the update to load on my laptop today. haven't tried on my desktop.