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Started 7/11/20 by PapaDon71; 740 views.

From: AEGram


PapaDon71 said:

I am stuck on level 97, I see some people have reached 100, I went to Titan Town and nothing changed. Is there anything I missed or can do to proceed with the game? I don't have a lot of computer savvy so if anyone can help please explain in layman's terms. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

1. IF you have manual updates turned on, you must actually go to the Options page of the Game Manager and select the Downloads tab to check for any update. (if the radio button next to Manual is selected, there will be a button to the side that says "Check for Updates"

2. Once you click that, the screen should display that Midnight Castle has an to goes to your Queue on the left side panel......Since I've already updated the game, I cannot provide exact steps, but it's very intuitive.

3. IF when you click the "check for updates" button and is says there are no Downloads available .....check the Queue on the left panel to see if it's "stuck" in there.

4. IF there is no update available and if the queue is empty..........launch the game...............If you have checked for and there is an update, as soon as you launch the game, it will start installing the download............IF the game automatically opens as normal ..........Go to the Ruler of Islands (Northern islands - Ice Hall ...........this will be the next to last of the Northern Islands locations.....Island Shore to Sacred Grove to Frosty Fort to Jousting Field to Ice Hall)

There should be a red exclamation mark over her head to indicate she will speak to you now.

.......................You can also click on Pinfeathers from any page.....the only task will be to "Go see the Ruler of Islands. We can trust her" will show 9/11 of her tasks completed.............Click the "go to" button and you will be taken to the Ruler of Islands to get your next task and continue in the game.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


If you have done the update, try clicking on Prof. Pinfeathers. He will send you to the ice queen ( or whatever she's called. ) She will then instruct you on quests to finish up to level 100.

Hope that helps, and that I understood you correctly.

AEGram and I posted about the same time... she's much more knowledgeable !


From: PapaDon71


Thank you, I finally got it

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Happy to hear that and you're welcome!!


From: hoggamer


Maybe you ran into the same thing I did.  I realized after I post why northern island was same titan town.  But then it dawn on me to  to see Prof Pinfeathers.  I had to finish the Ice queen quest. Then I got the update that placed me at the shimmering mirror portal  in the last court name?.  That's where the new content.


From: PapaDon71


Yes I did. It finally dawned on me. Thanks for replying.