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MORPHING   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 7/11/20 by Gardenbird; 2142 views.

From: Gardenbird


AEGram said:

2. Coins........Everyone in the beginning levels runs low on coins. With many of the event rooms yielding 250 coins when maxed out, you can do the equivalent of 5 rooms with only completing one room. The strategy during events is to stop leveling up.......get around 75 friends (so you'll hopefully have 50 friends showing the current event room) every HOS in your friends' rooms a day, or as many as you can. .............You will find that at the end of the event, you will have a healthy coin inventory as well as lots of stamps of all varieties, pet food, and airship items. You'll also have an abundance of event items that you can either convert to shards to decorate your private room or play with Trina....or you can sell them for a few more coins.

Sorry,  but I don't really understand what you are saying.   There hasn't been an event since I have been playing.   I think you are saying that there are  HOS in special rooms?  so in Autumn if there is an Autumn event, then everyone will open an Autumn room, in which there will be HOS and that I can play these in all my friends Autumn rooms?

or have I got this totally wrong?    -   I have 25 friends at the moment,  so a few to go.


Level 13, I believe, you open Trina in the Key Master's Shop and this gives you access to the Private Rooms.  There is the original Room, 4 Spring Rooms (although only 3 have HOSs in them), 2 Christmas Rooms, 2 Halloween Rooms and 1 Anniversary Room.  In April, we had the Spring Event.  The next one will be the Fall/Halloween Event.  Once you have the rooms open (you should read the Game Guide by AEG to get all the info you need about this), you have access to all your friends Event HOSs.  The Event HOSs pay 250 coins per play (once a day), rather than the 50 coins of a regular HOS.  So, for example, the 1st Halloween Room has 3 HOSs that each yield 250 coins, for a total of 750 coins per play.  So if you have 50 friends, and all 50 display Halloween Room #1, you would earn over 37,000 coins every day.  An Event usually lasts about 40 days, give or take, so you could earn over 1 million coins easily.

I think my math is right, but the point is it's advantageous to play the Holiday Events as much as possible because they provide the best opportunity to amass a lot of coins.